PUBG : New Payload Mode on Arcade confirmed What’s New?

PUBG : New Payload Mode on Arcade confirmed What's New?
PUBG : New Payload Mode on Arcade confirmed What's New?

It seems that our previous assumption that the upcoming update for PUBG Mobile with season 9 0.14.5 was wrong. The next update according to the latest tweet from one the official handle is set to be 0.15.0.

In the latest tweet, the devs have declared that the new upcoming mode is called ‘Payload Mode’. PUBG Mobile as recently announced that the latest update drops on September 13 in a tweet. As for some of the leaks about the upcoming latest update, here’s everything we know that may be coming to the game.

The upcoming season title seems to be ‘Warriors Unite’. Mr.Ghost recreation has leaked some things that we have a tendency to may even see within the next update.

PUBG : New Payload Mode on Arcade confirmed  What's New?

Royale Pass 9: Details

The Exclusive RP sets and skins that we will get for PUBG Mobile season-nine are The Observer Set and the Cover, Infected Grizzly M249, Infected Grizzly Dacia, Draconian Champion set and weapons.

There could also be new avatar frames coming back within the coming update. Besides we will get a new parachute, bags, helmets, and other skins. There will presumably be new emotes coming out as well.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update: Payload Mode

We antecedently saw a leak with helicopters on the bottom in PUBG Mobile. But now it seems these helicopters will not just be stationary and flyable and probably be a part of the Payload Mode. The gameplay within the video looks to indicate a selected mode wherever players will notice special loot crates.

These loot crates square measure underground and can arise to the surface if the players appear to fulfill sure conditions. These crates have an enormous halo showing their position.

The contents of this loot box are amazing, to say the least. It comes with grenade launchers, miniguns, and RPGs, plus this new update seems to have the Deagle pistol. The Deagle sidearm is nevertheless to hit PUBG Mobile however is already out there on PUBG laptop and console versions of the sport.

The gameplay of Payload Mode was seen on the Chinese beta version of the game, and the helicopters in it can be used like normal vehicles. Players will amendment position, and it even requires fuel.

It is rather fast within the air, and players can easily reach the blue zone even is they are far away from it. Though it sounds like it is unfair for some people to use helicopters to make a beeline for the zone, others will be stuck.

The Chinese beta of PUBG Mobile additionally looks to own the BRDM automotive vehicle. And besides, the guns already mentioned. there looks to be a replacement orienting missile launcher still. In the newest video, Mr.Ghost recreation shows that we have a tendency to might not be obtaining any new weapons.


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