Quality of life in Italy


Deciding to change country and move abroad, or perhaps plan a long holiday in another country, is certainly not an easy choice but more and more often it is made by those who can decide where to enjoy their retirement years or by those who want and can afford a long-term investment or by workers who prefer smart working.

Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations among those who wish to embark on this new and exciting journey, thanks to its unique artistic and cultural heritage, its astonishing landscapes, and its cuisine. Certainly, in addition to looking at the market for real estate in Italy in order to find the most suitable property for one’s needs, it is also wise to think about the quality of life in the “Bel Paese”, so let us see what the latest researches on this matter say.

What are the parameters?

Before examining which cities or provinces in Italy have been rated by research agencies as the best in terms of quality of life they offer, let us try to understand what elements are taken into consideration. The term “quality of life” refers to the well-being of an individual in a given habitat, i.e., it indicates that the majority of the population of that given place (country, city or province) enjoys advantageous conditions in carrying out their daily lives.

Such conditions allow population to develop their talents and lead happy and fulfilled lives. Therefore, it is not just a matter of easily measurable economic indicators (such as the rate of development or the unemployment rate) but rather of social indicators such as safety, health and education services, respect for the environment and pollution, social integration; or of political factors such as participation in political life, freedom to vote, stability; or geographical factors such as the quality of the climate or hydrogeological risks, etc.

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Italian cities with the best quality of life 

According to Sole 24 Ore quality of life research carried out in 2022, the provinces that offer a higher quality of life are Bologna, Bolzano, and Florence

The city of Bologna, first in Italy in the rankings five times, with its wonderful historic arcades is a UNESCO heritage site and is a lively university city, a tourist destination chosen by millions of visitors every year.
It is at the top of the rankings because it has always stood out as an international center, open to culture and progress, capable of offering services of the highest quality.

Bolzano confirms itself as a virtuous model in Italy, certainly determined by an excellent index of wealth of its inhabitants and their tendency to save. Furthermore, a healthy environment, determined by its position, and efficient services allow its inhabitants to lead a good quality of life.

Florence arrives on the podium for the innumerable qualities of its capital and of the entire province. Surely the cultural aspect and leisure time are the strengths of these areas which are well known to be destinations for tourists from all over the world and scenario of a daily life enriched by beauty and history everywhere.

Other elements that determine the podium conquered by Florence (and other Tuscan provinces) are the rate of participation in political life, low litigation (calculated by evaluating the number of cases registered in the courts), excellent services for health and education, transport, and mobility (quality of roads and public transport services).


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