Questions to Ask Your ACP Service Provider  

ACP Service Provider

 The FCC’s goal of bringing broadband Internet access to rural and underserved areas is noble. The widespread deployment of 5G small cell networks may help achieve this goal, but there are still significant hurdles to overcome.  The ACP Service Provider (Affordable Connectivity Program) is an FCC program through which the organization plans to bring broadband Internet access to these areas, including schools and low-income families.

Who Can Participate in the ACP?

The ACP is limited to Internet service providers that have received federal universal service funds or state broadband subsidies for providing Internet access in rural areas. This list includes the following.

  • All ISPs that receive federal universal service funding (including all USF broadband support mechanisms) or state subsidies.
  • USAC will contact these eligible providers to help them submit ACP requests for service in suitable areas
  • Public and private schools, libraries, medical clinics, community colleges, public housing authorities (PHAs), Indian tribes or tribal organizations (ITTOs), or US military bases in eligible areas
  • USAC will contact these eligible providers to help them submit ACP requests for service in suitable areas
  • Eligible households in places where no one provider is offering fixed broadband with download speeds of at least 10 Mbps.

USAC will contact these eligible households to help them submit ACP requests for service in eligible areas.

What is an ACP Service Provider?

An ACP Service Provider is a company that provides broadband Internet access to customers in underserved and rural areas of the US. 

When you sign up for an ACP plan, your new service provider will work with existing providers to bring affordable broadband Internet access to your home.

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What are the Benefits of an ACP?

Currently, high-speed broadband access is available to 92% of all Americans. The FCC’s goal with this FCC program is to help spread this availability to the remaining 8%. 

The authority achieves this goal by bringing new Internet providers into previously unserved areas. Users can expect faster speeds and more reliable connections.

How Do You Sign Up for ACP?

If you meet the ACP eligibility requirements, you can register with an ACP Service Provider at a discounted rate. The FCC will work with existing service providers to provide service or negotiate a service contract.

What are the ACP Eligibility Requirements?

Affordable Connectivity Program may be an excellent option for you. But to qualify for the ACP program, you should meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • Your household income for ACP is equal to or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Your household currently does not have access to high-speed broadband Internet service.
  • You are a student enrolled in an educational institution at any level (elementary, secondary, or postsecondary).
  • You are a participant in or beneficiary of assistance programs such as Medicaid, supplemental nutrition assistance program, Supplemental Security Income, and Federal Public Housing Assistance.

What Should You Expect From Your ACP Service Provider?

Your new ACP Service Provider will provide you with a discounted monthly rate based on the level of performance you desire for your Internet connection. 

You can also expect to receive dedicated attention from your provider and personal customer service. In addition, the FCC will carefully evaluate your service area.

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How Do You Compare ACP Plans From Providers?

ACP Service Providers may offer a variety of different speeds and data caps. Before signing up for an affordable plan, be sure to carefully review the information about your provider’s connection speeds and prices. 

This step will help ensure that you’re getting a fair deal on a service that meets your specific needs.

Are There Any Rules to Follow?

You must actively maintain the service. If you fail to pay for your ACP Service Provider or do not use it for more than thirty consecutive days, you will be deemed to have abandoned the connection and may lose your eligibility.

How Much Will It Cost?

Like traditional Internet service providers, your rates will vary depending on how fast you want your connection to be. The FCC had established rate caps for ACP Service Providers, ranging from $10 for the lowest speed up to $25 per month for the highest speed.

You can then register with your preferred service provider for an affordable rate based on your desired level of performance. From there, service will include dedicated attention from providers and personal customer service. 

Final Thoughts

If you fail to pay for your ACP service provider or do not use it for more than thirty consecutive days, you will be deemed to have abandoned the connection and may lose your eligibility.



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