Quit Asking André 3000 About Releasing New Music!

Quit Asking André 3000 About Releasing New Music!
Quit Asking André 3000 About Releasing New Music!

Andre is not dropping 3000 solo albums. The Andre 3000 can never release another body of music.

He shouldn’t do it because a 44-year-old man is expected to give the world the “Out of Six” album, a Dungeon Family compilation, a Cartoon Network TV show, the second-best part of the 2008 Farrell comedy semi-pro. Freestyle is even more selfish. What else can you expect from this man?

In an interview on the Broken Record podcast, Rick Rubin asks Andre who seemingly everyone asks Andre: for any new information about the recording process for the new Andre 3000 music.

When the podcast interview turns into a severe tale of grave concern, we force everyone to face one of the biggest rappers ever, for our continued effort to release a released album for us. Thank you.

Quit Asking André 3000 About Releasing New Music!
Quit Asking André 3000 About Releasing New Music!

“I’m not making a lot of music, man. I don’t mind it. I can’t believe it,” he said. “I get so upset. I’ll just go to a piano and put my iPhone down and just do what I’m doing. Turn my fingers around and whatever, but I’m not motivated to do a serious project I am The front. Maybe I’m going to be nothing. Maybe like my history. ”

Later, André shared that the continued dissection of his music and hyperbolic critical analysis of his every move is one of the reasons he has been prevented from releasing a large body of work outside of his occasional features. He said, “Any small thing that I put out immediately strikes, not in a good or bad way.”

“People clean it with a fine-tooth comb. Oh Said, he said that word! And it’s not made of a great place, and it pulls you back. Maybe I don’t have the confidence I want, or even the space to experiment like I used to. ”

Finally, the Andra 3000 is a kind, gentle, creative soul, who has been killed by our collective capitalist greed. Let me tell you that this person played his bass clarinet peacefully throughout America.


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