“Rainbow Six Siege” is Getting A New Timed Event along With Netflix’s “Money Heist”


Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is obtaining another regular event with a twist as Netflix’s Money Heist takes over the sport for ensuing few days. beginning tomorrow, 20th November, and running till 25th November, you’ll be ready to play a heist of your own with an R6S twist. This new game attack mode the map Bank with the returning game mode captive.

If you forget a way to play captive, one team should defend abound-and-gagging captive from the offensive team. The attackers will snag the captive and lead them to the safe zone for the win, or simply kill all the defenders.

However, if the captive is killed by either aspect, they lose. Here are a number of a lot of details and a video for the Rainbow Six beleaguering event. better of luck to your operators.

Ubisoft started adding special events to the sport as a part of Year four of Rainbow Six Siege. There has solely been a few of them up to now, with the foremost recent one being the Halloween-themed event Doktor’s Curse. Another example was the Wild West-style encounter, and every event has offered new cosmetics moreover as distinctive versions of game modes and maps.

“Rainbow Six Siege” is Getting A New Timed Event along With Netflix’s “Money Heist”

The release states that eight special cosmetic things are going to be offered throughout the event, as well as uniforms, headgear, weapon skins and charms. The bundles are going to be exclusive to the event and are purchased with R6 Credits.

The sport will be obtaining yet one more free weekend on all platforms, permitting anyone to transfer and play the event. the total game will air deep discount yet again throughout the event, looking on the platform and edition.

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Rainbow Six beleaguering has designed and maintained an oversized and ferociously dedicated player base for a number of years currently. However, that growth looks to own evened out once the sooner boom of players who funnelled into the sport once its competitive potential was complete.

Ubisoft has been attempting to draw a lot of individuals into beleaguering with frequent sales and free weekends, however, victimisation this event to attractiveness to heist fans in each the computer game and tv crowds maybe its handiest plan nonetheless.


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