React JS and its Advantages

React JS

Do you know what’s common between Facebook, Netflix, Asana, BBC, Dropbox, Reddit, Yahoo mail, Scribd? Well, all these are different types of websites, how can there be any similarity? Well, there is and all these websites are developed using the React js framework. At present, the framework is considered one of the leading names when it comes to creating an impressive bunch of web applications.

And since Reactjs framework is highly recommended by web developers to conduct a successful React web app development process. The following post focuses on the benefit of react js and why the javascript library is vital for business owners to make the right choice.

The benefit of React js framework are Many; Here’s the Top Five’s Worth Considering in the Web app development Space 1

Define React js 2

Why Choose React js for Web Application Development? 2

Easy to learn and use 2

Provides Reusable Components 3

Known to be SEO Friendly 3

The Javascript Library is Backed by a strong community support 4

Conclusion 4

Define React js

React js is an open-source javascript library built and maintained using Facebook. In fact several tech giants such as Apple, Paypal and Netflix have already started adoring the React framework. And why not since it features virtual DOM, document object model, unique user interface, reusable components, browser extension, reuse system components basically everything possible thing that results in the creation of dynamic web applications.

Now you must be wondering what are the key benefits of using React? Without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Why Choose React js for Web Application Development?

1. Easy to learn and use

React js is one such framework that turns out to be way easier to learn and use. And you know what makes it a cut above? It’s the crisp and precise documentation, informative tutorials and a wide range of resources. To become a successful Reactjs developer, all you need to have is a solid background in javascript libraries. Yes, anyone with solid javascript knowledge can start creating web apps in no time. Reactjs being an open-source javascript user interface features virtual DOM and Model-View-Controller model, and this makes it more crucial to choose for your next project.    

2. Provides Reusable Components

One of the most interesting benefits of Reactjs is reuse components. And React js developers love this as it saves a high amount of time and energy. Gone are the days when they had to write a wide range of codes again and again for creating similar features. Now technically speaking what happens is, web applications are made creating lots and lots of components where each one features its own logic and control. These components offer some reusable HTML code as a result, the web app development procedure becomes easy and manageable.  Here the mechanism of virtual dom works wonders, as it is responsible for changing individual dom elements and not the entire thing which results in the delay of the development process.

3. Known to be SEO Friendly

Another interesting benefit of React js library is it is quite SEO-friendly. So every website made using react js will be SEO-friendly. In other words, you don’t have to take the stress of what will happen next or how your website will get ranked on the search engine, etc. In comparison with other frameworks, React js reduces page load time and ensures to rank at a fanatic pace on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

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4. The Javascript Library is Backed by a strong community support

React js being one of the leading frontend frameworks is backed by a strong and active community of web developers and designers. And maybe that’s the reason why several businesses believe in the javascript framework as well. In case, if the developer gets stuck he will be able to get over it by seeking assistance from reliable and veteran developers from the community. Not just the community, you can share your doubts and queries on several platforms such as Stack Overflow and Quora. Here one thing is for sure, you are bound to receive reliable solutions. 

However, these are not it! There are several other benefits of reactjs such as it turns out to be highly competitive among others, it offers a cross-platform development environment, handles dependencies easily, aids programmers by offering different and easy to use web developer tools, easy to use and adapt, makes web applications development easy and an enjoyable ride and the list goes on. I hope now you exactly know why most of the reputable businesses are considering React js for their development project. 


 So this is it! These are some of the finest benefits of using react js over other web application development frameworks. We hope now you know why is React js used by so many fortune 500 companies and why should you be the next one to jump on the particular bandwagon for your web applications project? If you still have any doubts or queries regarding React js, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.


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