Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap: 4 Funerals and A Wedding ceremony!

Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap: 4 Funerals and A Wedding ceremony!
Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap: 4 Funerals and A Wedding ceremony!

The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion last night was part 1 and it was clear that everyone was ready to fight Lennon Lacan. Those hands… they are filled with filler and are swollen and cannot be held!! Andy Cohen is also ready to fight.

And then Cameron Westcott created her language, which is a combination of bloat and pig Latin, and I think she’s legitimately blonde and she’s winning in court. (He’s not)

First Brandy Redmond updated every one to adopt the Bruin siblings. Brandi and Brian decided to adopt, but the birth mother, unfortunately, lost the child. Brandy didn’t take the news and only real-life BFF Stephanie Hallman said she did.


Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap: 4 Funerals and A Wedding ceremony!
Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Part 1 Recap: 4 Funerals and A Wedding ceremony!

Then it was time to discuss the many splash marriages of Leanne. No one came in the million rain he made his friend, because no one likes to eat at the reception. Lean tried to blame the product for the 4-hour timeout between service and reception.

Bravo said that 509,829,375,093 X2 weddings were filmed and many people make a reception immediately after the ceremony, which was never a problem before. This is the first of Lynne’s marital lies.

Lynn refuses to admit that she did not feed people because she did not give him free food, or because he did not give him free food. She tries to throw Brandi under the bus (she has a full buffet …), saying she can’t sit down at a Bruin party and eat food.

The reception started at 8 pm, but she and Rich Amberlin are seniors who eat at 6 pm, which is a very old-fashioned meal, said Lian.

People don’t even get out of hunger, except Leanne – I mean WTF! The cake does not make dinner (unless you have me when I have PMS).

For the record, Cameron also admitted that she was hungry.

Since she had written to her before the ceremony and had no time to do them, Leanne insisted that she had never tried to hurt her mother by beating her child.

Kerry Brittingham doubts that the woman who has been waiting for many decades to get married is undoubtedly a very important part of the wedding ceremony. I don’t want Kerry’s advice for marriage but agree with her there.

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Leon talked to some BS about how she’s moving forward and letting go of her past … She’s constantly getting a chance. Why not serve a wedding? Lynne has her past food!
Andy Cohen of the Dallas Reunion Real Housewives.

Then 30% of Lena’s lies about the post office are losing all mail. I really wish the USPS had issued a rebuttal, but instead a very helpful reader concluded that only 4.7% of all mail was lost.

Ari Lee Lynne lied about sending an invitation to Carrie. Leon accused his wedding planner, Steve Coombe, of not sending 30% of the invitations to them, that they were lost, and basically all, that he wondered if Steve would actually do his job. Buuuurn was able to!

Brandi was not dissatisfied with her lessons because she never expected to attend that shit show.

She has seen enough of Lena’s curry antics to know that her time is not worth it – otherwise, she would sit at home on her couch and record her acne sounds and sing them.

Editing audio for I don’t know if this is a gimmick but if someone could produce a fart opera it would be brandy (and Stephanie).

Leanne de Dandra could not invite Simmons because the only people in the marriage were close friends and close friends.

Carey? He’s been invited by bloggers from places like Ben and Ronnie in People magazine or Watches What Crappens. My invitation is definitely one of 30% loss in the mail!

D’Andra Simmons is the Real Housewives of Dallas

Deandra, who once worked for the government, lied that almost every person in Washington was maintaining her queue clearance, and Rich’s involvement with Lena led to her approval and job costs.

D’Andra, I mean coming, told the Fed Rich to stop appearing on Dallas’ Real Housewives or to connect to reality TV in any way. Leon tries to eliminate Jeremy’s own military service because he’s just a photographer.

“Yes, a war photographer. An award recipient! Therefore, after the housewives work harder than a pair of spanks to destroy each other, LeeAnne and D’Andra’s friendship is eventually buried in the dust.”

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Moving towards the end, Cameron and Brandy still have the unresolved garbage on the “worst comment.” Brandy was injured because of childhood problems and she was the only one not allowed to carry childhood items, Leon said.

The difference is that Lianne is constantly having juvenile luggage when she wants to change her situation or achieve the upper hand, and in Birkin, she doesn’t have this, she comes with a raincoat. Like the Funky Birkenstocks pair after Carnival.

Last night I finally found a connection between Kama and Lean: they both had this crazy self-talk to draw the attention of others.

For example, in Mexico, Cameron stated that he only used the word rubbish at that dinner because Stephanie asked, “Is it rubbish?” He was looking at the back of a horse trailer during a polo match and heard the word “implant” in his brain the day before… I mean, this is the genius of Kama-Splane in his endeavor, but it’s completely stupid as a way of explaining anything.

Kamran is the Real Housewives of Westcott Dallas

Speaking of overcoming things … Cameron now says she has a mental trauma from Stephanie as Cameron is giving her a “dumb blonde” flashback – a horrible and horrifying label that made her feel superficial.

He struggled all his life. Cameron has the Hot Pink Spark Badge of Courage to prove it! When Cameron tries to squeeze a fake tear or two (and fails), Andy explains that Stephanie is calling the surface of their friendship, not Cameron himself.

Cameron has revised history to say that Stephanie has been calling her name all season, like “The Elitist,” and that she is taking notes from fake people about fake people.

Cameron was mostly upset because Stephanie called him “Bagger” after moving to town (not last season?), And behind him, Stephanie and Travis referred to Cameron as some country club.

Now Cameron feels cheated to give a great review. So the picture of Country Club Charity Cameron being an aristocrat?


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