Reasons behind the popularity of Online Casinos in 2022

popularity of Online Casinos

Covid and Isolation

The great pandemic of 2020 has left its mark everywhere, especially in the way people lead their lives. Tagged the ‘new normal’, isolation and social distancing have now become the way people live. Even as people settle into this new normal, they want to start going back to the way things were and enjoy the same routines, social events, and hobbies they had before 2020. However, the continuous fear and worry about the ongoing pandemic has generally put a dent in those plans. For gambling aficionados, however, online casinos have opened up a new way to network and turned to popularity of Online Casinos, enjoy, and take time off from the twisted events going on in the world. 

Online casinos have many kinds of features that allow players to come together from all over the world. Live Casino or Live Games for example allow you the same atmosphere as being in a real casino. You can chat with other players, as well as the dealer.

Along with live games, online casinos also offer tournaments and events. These massive events can be a great place to break the isolation of these times. They usually additionally do not require players to spend extra money, and thus become a great event for casino lovers.

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More payment options

It’s only in the last few years that the list of legal payment options has expanded as much as they have in 2022. In the past, punters were stuck with only a few options such as Neteller, Skrill, etc which took time and effort.
Most players found it easier to go to a physical casino and let the on-site cashier handle transactions. Handing someone a few felt far easier for people than creating multiple new accounts, getting verified, then connecting the banks to the wallets and going through checks.
Mind you, verifications still happen but much lesser or are quicker. Due to options like GPay, Paytm, Airtel Money, and more, Indian players can now easily use options that they are already signed into, and where they are verified users. This cuts out an added layer of checks and verifications while making sure that your money is still safe. 

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Another reason for the popularity of online casinos is that now many have started accepting cryptocurrencies. Physical casinos of course cannot do this and as the popularity of crypto rises, many are looking at casinos to get into crypto.

Work From Home

One of the reasons locations like Las Vegas and popularity of Online Casinos were so popular is because it allowed people to go on vacation, take a road trip, and basically get away from their daily lives.
Today, as Remote jobs, digital nomads, and WFHs have become more and more common, people are taking to online casinos in their free time. 

Firstly, the lack of daily commute allows people more time to spend on themselves. This means that people who like to gamble are spending time at Online casinos. 

Secondly, such a drastic change in economy, with popularity of Online Casinos and along with paycuts, and personnel reassignments, people do not have very big savings to travel far for casinos. Or even if they do have enough money, since the economic situation all over the world has been dreary, most are realising the value of saving money by not traveling to physical casinos. 

A surprising effect of WFH and freelancing jobs has been that many people are picking up extra gigs and using the extra time to add a professional activity. Due to this, many people are now looking at casino games as actual professions. There are many people who take part in competitions and tournaments and do very well. In fact, some are making more money through tournaments than their day job. Most tournaments usually do not require large amounts of money to participate in, but the honeypot, or the prize is usually substantial. 

Game Choices

Physical casinos can never come close to the collection that online casinos have. Many online casinos have thousands of games, not to mention the live versions, giving punters an unprecedented access to games.

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Many of these games can also be played on trial without spending any money to get into the hang of it. You can check out slots, see how available variations of table games stack up to other websites. This is impossible to do at physical casinos. 

Another reason why 2022 is seeing a boom in the usage of online casinos is because the generation that grew up on video games is now old enough to go into casinos. This is why games at casinos have extensive storylines, graphics, music, and more. Simply winning money is no longer enough, it is now about the aesthetic and the environment. Players want to be part of something bigger, and thus they are now looking towards online casinos to draw them into fantastical worlds.
There is also the promise of new technologies such as the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and more which cannot be duplicated physically but are changing the way we consume entertainment online. 

All in all, it is a very exciting time to be playing at online casinos at this point.  

Mobile Gaming

Playing games on mobile phones has always been a huge trend. In 2022 this trend seems to be booming in the Casino industry.
Many online casinos did not have matching apps in the past. This year however, as remote entertainment is becoming more popular, players’ demands of matching mobile apps seems to be coming true. 

One of the many reasons people love mobile gaming apps is because they are convenient. It is not always possible to move freely with your computer. Casino games are just casual enough for people to want to play on their handheld devices while lounging on a couch or in bed. 


The pandemic has changed everything about our lifestyles and routines. Online casinos are trying to match up to this sudden change. People are realising that they do not want to spend money travelling to far off locations to play when a whole new world is available just a click away.


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