RecMaster: Screen Recording Has Never Been Easier

Screen Recording

Screen recording is what you need in some situations, for example, if you want to show a tutorial on how to install a game. This tool is also very important if you want to create an online education module. A screen recording tool usually comes with various editing features integrated under one dashboard.

There are many such tools and you can access them quite easily. Some are free and others are paid. But not all of them are reliable. Only a few of them. This time we will discuss RecMaster, one of the few that can be relied upon.

This screen recording tool works well on Windows 10. One interesting thing about RecMaster is that it’s super easy, just start recording with clicks. It supports recording the computer screen with/without the system audio, your own voice from the microphone, and your face from the webcam. You can also record a specific program window without being disturbed by other windows covering it, or record only the specific area around the moving cursor. Not only that, background noise reduction and annotation during the recordings are also possible.

Simple user interface

Want to download? Just use this link. Once you are done with the installation, you can immediately launch the RecMaster application and start using it. You will find a simple user interface. The simple interface will make things easier. You’ll see an intuitive dashboard, which gives you a variety of options packaged simply. You can simply press “Record” on the main interface and you will be offered another dialog box with more options. Broadly speaking, you can find several options as below:

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– Recording for game mode

– Fullscreen or special area recording (partial)

– Audio recording

– Webcam recording

– Program Window recording without being disturbed

– Record only specific area around the moving cursor

Screen Recording

Choose according to your needs!

Now how much do you have to pay for this great screen recorder? You can take the free trial version but if it expires and you want to continue using RecMaster, you are required to choose between two payment options; annual plan and lifetime license. The free trial version is limited to 2 minutes and you can only record. In other words, you can’t do more than that, like edit or add audio.

The annual plan is very affordable, only around $19.95 and you can use it on one PC. It is more advisable to take a lifetime license. Take it easy because it’s affordable. Only $29.95!

Main features:

These key features are the reasons why you should install RecMaster. It was mentioned above that you can run several recording modes. But not only that. With RecMaster you can record in 4K MP4 format. You can also adjust the quality, frame rate, to video and audio input.

Easy built-in editor

Every time you finish recording, you can press on the Edit button on recording list. You can trim and cut the length, add subtitles, and delogo the video on the timeline. Pressing on the Complete button, the edited video will be saved to a new file. You can also add watermarks on Settings panel and merge files on the Recording list.

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Recording scheduling

You don’t want to miss a certain moment in the future? Don’t worry because you can schedule the recording at a planned time. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting when it comes time to record. You just need to set the time in the Task Schedule panel. Done recording? You can cut out all the pieces you don’t need anymore.

Support for multiple formats

RecMaster supports many popular formats, such as MP4, FLV, and AVI.

Cursor effect

When you’re creating a video tutorial, showing what you’re doing with the cursor makes it easier for your audience. You can show your audience the stages in your activity. It will be easier for them to understand what you are trying to convey.

Interested? RecMaster’s official website is now giving away 6 paid software for free, and 2 super low discounts. The event ends on Jan. 10, 2022. You can get RecMaster and 5 other paid software for free (worth $260).


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