Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits now Updated

Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits now Updated
Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits now Updated

Game Lovers can relate to the need for up-gradation and new features every game need from time to time. The monotony of any sort is bad and gaming majorly needs new adventures from time to time.

Keeping this in mind, Red Dead Online, the game widens its arena of frontiers available for its players. 

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What is new

Red Dead Online now has three new frontiers for the pursuits as the battlefield, which have been packed with numerous new features, players and ambience and each is unique. 

Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits now Updated
Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits now Updated

There is Bounty Hunter who hunts down the dangerous criminals, be the Trader or the Collector. You can choose to be either one of them or all three at once. These specialist roles have specific features and roles and you can play according to your mood, need and choice. 

The new features added also enhances your experience, like the new armoury, weapons, clothes and vehicles. Features like indicator display have made the field more convenient. 

Horses of various new breeds, changing costumes without game resetting, the feature to save and choose the outfit are all very useful and the players are loving it. 

The looted jewellery and precious items can now be sold at higher prices and rates, animation speed improvement has made it all the better and improved. 

There is more

Moreover, the game has updated the login details for the players. If you venture in between September 10 to November 18, 2019, the default settings you get is the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club. All of this is packed with new accessories, free cash, bonuses, camp flag, gun wraps and much more. 

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That is not all, you need even more? You can easily upgrade to The Outlaw Pass, with just 35 gold bars and get even more rewards. 

Red Dead Cross upgrades a little each time and keeps getting better with days. The players are bound to have an exciting adventure out there.


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