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The PlayStation five might have an inherent virtual assistant with competence referred to as PlayStation Assist. That’s in keeping with a brand new patent Sony simply filed.

It’s kind of like the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Google Assistant in terms of core functionality, but to no one’s surprise, it’s centered on gaming.

In Sony expression, it calls it a “Voice facilitate System mistreatment computer science,” as seen in the patent filing in the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. Simply put, it describes it as “a methodology for diversion help.” That aforementioned, its name isn’t exactly set in stone just yet either.

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On a remarkable note, a number of the drawings within the patent provides a smart plan of what Sony has in mind with the assistant.

PlayStation Assist,' Sony's Own Virtual Assistant to be Featured in PLAYSTATION 5
PlayStation Assist,’ Sony’s Own Virtual Assistant to be Featured in PLAYSTATION 5

For example, one among the pictures shows PlayStation Assist giving tips about “looting a steel sword” in Skyrim.

In different instances, they show the assistant giving directions to the player. In addition, the corporate conjointly intends to launch PlayStation Assist for mobile devices. On the mobile app, players will access a range of data a couple of games, including walkthroughs for main and side quests.

In the case that the assistant cannot give a solution, it will even facilitate the player to get in-tuned with some other person who has to compete for the sport. There conjointly looks to be a star-rating system within the cards, suggesting a kind of community of gamers who will give help.

It ought to be mentioned that it is not clear whether or not PlayStation Assist is within the PS5 or not since this patent filing does not extremely ensure that. At any rate, it shows that Sony is working on its own assistant that’s focused on gaming.

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With PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Sony is surely looking at ways to help its upcoming console stand out from the next Xbox. As such, a patent filing indicates it’s working on a gaming-focused version of Siri and Alexa.

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