Red Dead Redemption 2′: New ‘Bully’ Easter Egg Discovered making game more interesting

Red Dead Redemption 2': New 'Bully' Easter Egg Discovered making game more interesting

Apart from the quiet obvious fact that how it teases their fans, Easter Egg found in the games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prominent sign of something else as well. Among other things, Rockstar Games has been on the cusp of releasing Grand Theft Auto V and, if the fortune favors them, Bully 2.

With the recent release of the Frontier Pursuits expansion update that included, among others, elimination of bugs, service stabilization, and Specialist roles, Red Dead Online also featured a Bully Easter Egg.

While some sources indicate according to Comic Book, “not as prominently placed,” gamers who are aware of a thing or two about Bully will immediately take into consideration the name Meredith Hopkins. The source also added that Hopkins was the surname of Bully’s main protagonist as well. Jimmy Hopkins. It’s a much-wanted piece of the puzzle fans wanted to link together considering that Jimmy and Meredith both hail from the same family name. But whether they’re really connected, it’s a good enough sign.

Red Dead Redemption 2′: New ‘Bully’ Easter Egg Discovered making game more interesting


Many fans have discovered a wanted poster in Red Dead Redemption 2 for a lady named Meredith Hopkins. For the record, Meredith Hopkins is wanted by the officials for murder. Particularly, she “fatally shot” her neighbor’s hand in a “fit of rage,” for the reason as trivial as she caught the boy trespassing on her property.

It would be apt to say that Bully 2 is of course in the works? However, it’s worth pointing out that some of the Bully 2 leaks that have claimed the game is in development have been proven false In their latest story the tabloid.

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Cog Connected highlighted that there are affectionaries that are “convinced” that Red Dead Redemption 2 “makes a direct reference to Bully 2. The company is also putting the latter on a “Wild West” setting, but not much has confirmed so far.


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