4 Reliable Sites for Torrenting New and Old Content in 2020

Reliable Sites for Torrenting

If you’re planning to be a torrent enthusiast and also be a part of the BitTorrent community, you’re probably searching for the promising torrent sites. The only problem with torrent sites is that they are always shut down and removed from the internet, making it challenging for you to download new and old content.


However, you shouldn’t stop downloading new and old content only because your favorite torrent site isn’t available anymore. There are plenty of existing torrent sites that you can access even if the particular internet service provider blocked you from entering a torrent site.


You also have to keep in mind that every torrent site has advantages and disadvantages. One factor you have to consider in a torrent site is the content they have because each torrent site specializes in a particular sector, such as music, movies, series, or Ebooks. With that in mind, here are the four reliable sites for torrenting new and old content in 2020.

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RARBG has one of the best reputations regarding providing high-quality torrents because not only is the site easy to use, but they always provide the latest content. Unfortunately, most countries block you from accessing the site mainly because no reputable company wants people to share the latest files.


The only way for you to access RARBG safely is to use a rarbg proxy that enables you to access the primary domain of RARBG whenever they block you from entering it. With that in mind, you can download new and old content without giving out your location or tracking your IP address.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a reputable torrent site with a rough history of shutdowns and blocks but is still going strong. Almost everyone in the BitTorrent community relies on The Pirate Bay because of having millions of available torrents in various categories you want. 


Moreover, they have VIP or trusted users who mark legitimate and safe torrents to prevent viruses from damaging your system unit. Besides the safe torrent downloading, you can easily navigate through the site due to their straightforward interface.


YTS is the torrent site that specializes best in the movies category. One thing you should know about the current YTS is that they’re not related to the previous YTS or YIFY group that was shut down a few years ago due to piracy. However, the current YTS recently shifted to a new domain, making it hard for you to find due to the low Alexa rank.


Despite the redirects and pop-up ads, you can easily navigate through the site due to their filters and sorting options in the search bar. 


If you’re looking for a torrent site that makes it easy for you to find new and old content, 1337x has the best search options available. You can find torrents containing the latest episodes, Oscar Nominations, libraries, or if they’re in high-definition. 1337x has the best interface compared to the other three torrents because it’s straightforward and organized.


Although there are other torrent sites you prefer to find new and old contents in, the four torrent sites on the list are the ones you could rely on the most. If you want to download torrents while ensuring your location’s safety, you can never go wrong with RARBG, The Pirate Bay, YTS, and 1337x due to their proxy and mirror sites.


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