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You have tons of work to market your business (and not enough time to get it done). Content marketing is one of the practical strategies, but you could occasionally have writer’s block when coming up with new, original content. Given these difficulties, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline your tasks while maintaining a steady flow of high-quality content. Fortunately, content repurposing using transcription is here to lighten your load.

Transcribing converts audio, video or any form of spoken word into text. Transcripts provide a huge content repurposing potential when used well, and there are several reasons why:

  • Transcripts make your business content more accessible to a broader audience.
  • They significantly improve your SEO.
  • They make it easier to reference your content.
  • Transcripts make creating articles, blog posts and social media content easier.

Here are some ways to use online transcription services to repurpose your content.

Transform videos into blog posts

Content writing is one of the demanding tasks for business owners and even marketers. It is normal to feel that you are not close to hitting your weekly or monthly blog post targets. However, transcribing your videos into blog posts gives you a good opportunity to achieve your goals in content marketing.

Converting videos into blog articles also gives you more accessibility. Although closed captioning is available on many digital media platforms, it isn’t always the best way to understand the spoken word. Transcribing videos into blog posts allows your audience to access your content in various ways. While at it, it is advisable to leverage visuals (such as pictures, infographics, and charts) and provide more thorough examples.

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Transform your podcast into a video or article

Although there is a crossover in the number of individuals who watch videos and listen to podcasts, some people only consume one type of media. You don’t have to abandon your multimedia content completely. Using online transcription services, you can transform your podcasts into videos or articles to reach an entirely new audience.

All you need to do is utilize visuals and share the content on digital media platforms like YouTube. That means users who don’t wish to listen to the podcast have other ways to access the content.

Share teasers and snippets on social media

In addition to creating blog posts, how about you think about turning your transcripts into social media posts. You can persuade listeners to watch the entire episode or video by sharing the highlights.

You can include text when sharing a picture or video, making it possible for your audience to consume it without the audio. Creating interesting teasers and snippets on social media should begin with transcribing.

Develop a list-building PDF

If you have podcasts or video episodes you believe would make excellent list-building content, do not hesitate to repurpose them. You can take advantage of the expertise of a professional transcriber to convert the content into words. List building materials come in the form of case studies, e-books, infographics, checklists, white papers, cheat sheets etc.

You can gradually build your email subscription list by using list-building material. But now more than ever, it might be challenging to draw readers to your material for list-building; therefore, the quality of your material must be exceptional. Think outside the box to craft your transcripts in a way that captures the target audience.

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Begin an e-course

Consider gathering several videos or podcast episodes on the same subject to want to develop an e-course. It is then possible to offer the generated e-course as a lead magnet or a paid course. The transcriptions of your earlier content can help you create the outline.

So how can you guarantee that the course you design is profitable?

  • Choose a subject that is both successful and in demand.
  • Come up with impressive course objectives.
  • Effectively organize your course units.
  • Select a system on which to host the course.
  • Promote your course effectively.

The bottom line

Engaging your audience regularly demands fresh content. Although it could seem like a challenging undertaking, audio transcription services can provide a solution. You can use accurate transcripts to create other types of content, such as blog entries, social media postings, and e-courses.


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