REVEALED: Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore’s ‘addiction’

REVEALED: Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore's 'addiction'
REVEALED: Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore's 'addiction'

Actress Demi Moore is one of today’s most familiar faces. Appearing in iconic films such as A Few Good Men, Ghost, and St. Elmo’s Fire, Moore has established herself as a Hollywood star. Within the past decade, she has publicly struggled with some personal issues but now appears to be in a healthy place. Moore is sharing her journey to becoming a celebrity and living life in the spotlight in an upcoming book that’s coming out this month.

Starting at the beginning

Moore’s memoir, Inside Out, chronicles her life beginning from her youth, where she talks about being moved from state to state. Her years growing up were tumultuous, where Moore reveals her father would ask for her help in preventing her mother from following through on various suicide attempts. Moore also reveals that she was sexually assaulted at age 15. She ended up leaving her mother’s home and marrying musician Freddy Moore at 18, to whom she admits she was unfaithful.

REVEALED: Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore's 'addiction'
REVEALED: Ashton Kutcher- Demi Moore’s ‘addiction’

A broken engagement followed by a Vegas wedding

Moore had been engaged to her St. Elmo’s Fire co-star Emilio Estevez, but broke off the relationship and married superstar Bruce Willis in Las Vegas in 1987, just a few months after meeting him. At this point, her career was soaring with roles in box office blockbusters including Ghost and Indecent Proposal.

Trying marriage again

Moore’s highly publicized romance with actor Ashton Kutcher began in 2003 when she was 41 years old and he was 25. The actress didn’t allow the 15-year age gap to bother her, writing in her book that the relationship was a do-over. She goes on to reveal that she became pregnant at one point in the relationship, but miscarried during her sixth month. The couple separated in 2011 and divorced two years later.

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