Revenge Travel by China Post Coronavirus Lockdown to Revive Economy

Revenge travel encouraged by China post coronavirus lockdown to revive economy

Tourism is one of the most hard-hit industries that fell in the trap of the coronavirus. Due to the most obvious reasons for transmission, people limit traveling unless necessary. As per reports, Chinese officials are applying a revenge travel theory to boost the economy. They are asking citizens to plan adventures and travel around. Their strategy is to boost the economy after months of quarantine and lockdown.

An estimated number of 550 million Chinese citizens are traveling and holidaying right now. This is the time for their Mid-Autumn Festival that goes on for eight days. The holiday began on October 1, which marked China’s National Day. It will last till October 8, after which people will get back to previous schedules.

What is the revenge travel strategy by China?

Off late, Chinese media has used the term ‘revenge travel’ themselves. They said that the government hopes to revive the travel industry and boost the demands of the people who suffered throughout.

As reported by South China Morning Post, around 15 million planes have been taking off between October 1 until October 8. Hotel bookings have jumped by 50% for the Golden Week. According to a spokesperson from, these eight days will revive the demand for less tourism for the past nine months. More than 500 picturesque locations will offer reduced costs, while some absolutely free to draw visitors.

Consumers spending money on travel will help improve the economy after the holiday week in China. According to a Chinese state-run newspaper, the Golden Week will be a “critical battle” in favor of the tourism industry. However, tourism will look different from other years as the pandemic is not over.

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More than 800 million visited China during the Golden Week last year, but the numbers will not be anywhere close this time. Many people across the globe criticize this move as it can increase the COVID-19 spread. The outcome is uncertain as of now.


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