Review: Mileseey Laser Rangefinder Binoculars


I honestly can’t recall the number of times I have looked at the rangefinders and optics dangling from the neck and shoulders and wished I had other choices, if not better alternatives. From experience, I have come to learn that rangefinders and binoculars easily get tangled.

And the result is — you’ll never get to use them when rushed for time! And this brought me around to thinking, what if I had one unit that could easily serve both roles without compromising the quality of my shots?

I have to admit that this is something I had looked into in the past. But the problem is that all the products I have tried have all shared two significant flaws – limited functions and poor quality.

Luckily, it seems as though things have started to look up, with Mileseey attempting to change things up. Though it may have taken a while for it to happen, the company recently announced the release of the Mileseey Laser Rangefinder Binoculars, featuring an inbuilt 1900-yard laser rangefinder.

The highly anticipated pair of binoculars is set to combine several features that I love:

  • Technologically enhanced features
  • Superior optical control
  • 100% backing with Mileseey’s No-Fault Policy
  • Ergonomic single-hand control

It’s essentially the perfect unit for the typical modern gun hunter or bowhunter. The Mileseey Binoculars allow users to range anything from 10 yards to as far as 1900 yards.

Did I mention that this comes coupled with instant readouts displayed on a crisp OLED screen? When looking at the display, you’ll note that distance increments are displayed in the form of 0.1-yard increments.

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For anything larger than 100 yards, it does so in the form of 1-yard increments.

In the OLED display, you’ll find a four-step brightness adjustment that will allow you to read the display when hunched against various objects or used in varying lighting conditions.

Mileseey’s Incline/Decline (ID) technology is included in its design to help compensate for any effects that slope may have on its trajectory. The unit provides shooters and hunters with the compensated range they need to take their shot, regardless of whether they are:

  • Lying level on the ground
  • Downhill
  • Or uphill

A closer look at its 10×42 binocular component reveals that it contains Extra-low (ED) dispersion glass. It’s a superior glass that assists in correcting chromatic aberration known to bring about color fringing when dealing with high-resolution, contrast-rich pictures.

Furthermore, its full multi-layered coated prisms and lenses and the reflective mirror coating on the roof prism’s unit mirror surface reveal pristine pictures. Its turn-and-slide rubber eye cups and the inbuilt long eye relief design guarantee a custom fit for all.

It will match your personal viewing needs regardless of whether or not you’re using it with eyeglasses.

The Binoculars design was engineered to meet the needs of shooters and hunters who like to traverse some of the most rugged terrains worldwide. Its rubber armoring easily conforms to its metal die-cast body to offer a long-lasting exterior.

This exterior provides a grip that’s tailored to the shape and texture of the user’s hand. Another thing you’ll like about the Mileseey Laser Rangefinder Binoculars is that they’re entirely fog-proof/waterproof and feature a nitrogen-purged body that helps prevent molding/fogging. 

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It means you don’t have to worry about your vision becoming blurry even when the temperatures at your location begin to change. It’s a feature that shooters who like to hunt in different corners of the world will love, as you never know what temperatures you’ll meet at your next hunting stop.

The Mileseey Binoculars attract a $309.99 tag as of writing (from $499), making it the go-to option for serious shooters and hunters. It’s particularly convenient for those who need a dependable laser when ranging and a high-quality binocular when acquiring a distant target.

All you need to do is learn how to use both of these inbuilt features, and you’ll be good to hit the hunting trail when the next hunting season comes around. The Mileseey Binoculars r is something I highly recommend getting.


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