Ri Sol Ju, Wife of Kim Jong Un’s Absence Stirs Mystery

Ri Sol Ju, Wife of Kim Jong Un's Absence Stirs Mystery
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The absence of Kim Jong un’s wife, Ri Sol ju, from the public eyes for nine months swirling mystery. Kim Jong-un’s wife has been out of public sight for a long now. There has been no such presence of her for the last nine months. The North Korean head is alive and healthy, but her wife’s being is becoming a mystery now. Since January, she has been absent from public eyes.

Ri Sol ju last attended a lunar New Year celebration

There was an event in Pyongyang at the Samjiyon Theatre where Ri Sol-Ju was there with her husband, Kim Jong-un. The event was for lunar New year commemoration. She missed the military parade on October 10 also. It was so uncommon because she generally attends it every year. The conjecture about her whereabouts accelerates after October 10 more.

Rumors and guesses about the whereabouts of the wife of Kim Jong-un

Few rumors are going around that she is and why she is not in the public eye for months. Speculators took a few guesses, which are less convincing but as well as less troublesome thoughts.

Supposedly she is looking after the North Korean dictator’s aunt. Kim Jong un’s aunt is not well right now.

Another instance that could happen is due to Covid-19 devastation. Maybe she is not comfortable to attend public events. There is a lack of strict rules of wearing masks and social distancing in those public events.

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Few are saying that Ri Sol-Ju is taking care of their daughter, who is supposedly seven years old. That could keep her busy.

Ri Sol ju did not make any public appearance for four months in 2019

There was a four-month period when she was not in Front of the public last year. People were assuming that she had been blessed with a new-born.

North Korea always keeps these kinds of secrets, as the world has seen with Kim Jong-un himself. So it won’t be easy to know about his wife’s whereabouts also.


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