Richardson Lewis Review — The Ultimate Detailed Guide

Richardson Lewis

Richardson Lewis Review

The company has a stellar corporate reputation and a large number of devoted customers who use its numerous financial products. The loyalty of traders is quite impressive, considering how many other platforms one can choose to start trading. Richardson Lewis managed to stand out from the crowd with strong technology, a rich selection of investment products, and responsive customer support that helps clients deal with any issue.

Richardson Lewis benefits

The list of advantages enjoyed by clients of Richardson Lewis contains many aspects of the service in which the company excels. The service is certainly on par with the best of what the industry has to offer.

  • State-of-the-art web platform. The website encrypts any data exchanged between users and various web services offered by the company. Your communications are reliably protected from spying. At the same time, the broker vows to never share user data with third parties and business partners unless explicitly described as part of the user agreement and except in cases when law enforcement demands disclosure of certain data.
  • Great user experience. While many companies think that focusing on usability, visual design, and other aspects of the service do not affect the results of investment activities of the client, Richardson Lewis emphasizes the necessity of providing an excellent level of service and outstanding technology. The trading terminal has an intuitive interface, the website is designed to facilitate easy navigation, and all features are neatly laid out to ensure that you can find any option quickly.
  • Responsive customer support. The support team usually reacts to user inquiries within a couple of minutes. It may take an hour or more during busy periods. However, support specialists are trained well and can assist with any issue that you may encounter while using the website. Note that you can reach out to representatives of the company using live chat and also social media platforms!
  • Diverse financial products. Day traders and scalpers enjoy low fees and a rich selection of assets to work with. At the same time, Richardson Lewis has investment packages for people who want to have a reliable source of passive income. Regardless of your goals and aspirations regarding investments, you will find a suitable product in the catalog of Richardson Lewis.
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Richardson Lewis downsides

While we could continue the list of merits displayed by Richardson Lewis, we have to mention several negatives that negatively affect users of the platform.

  • The company often delays withdrawals. Internal policies in regards to handling any transactions make it harder for the broker to swiftly send money to your bank account. Additionally, banks may take longer to process corporate payments. While we understand these difficulties, frequent delays should not be standard practice.
  • The trading terminal is somewhat limited. The terminal has many technical indicators and other graphical tools, but the selection of analytical tools is lacking compared to what you can find when using TradingView or MetaTrader4.

Richardson Lewis deposits and withdrawals

Any company that wants to focus on providing a satisfying user experience must work on making its service convenient to use. You will find a large number of payment options available to you. Find the most convenient!

  • Debit and credit cards issued by international operators like Visa, MasterCard, and, in some cases, UnionPay are exceptionally good in situations when you need to top up your balance as quickly as possible. If you need to avoid a margin call, you can deposit funds with your Visa card and receive them instantly.
  • Bank transfers are good for people who prefer safety above all else. At the same time, the only way for you to withdraw funds is to request a withdrawal to your bank account that must be verified!
  • Payment systems and cryptocurrencies can be more convenient for users who prefer keeping their capital online. However, the availability of some options can be limited in your country!
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The verdict

Richardson Lewis is one of the famous brands that have a good reputation and an excellent track record. If you are looking for a trustworthy company in the FX industry, you should take a closer look at Richardson Lewis.


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