Rihanna Reveals the reason she won’t be performing at the Super Bowl: Here’s everything to know


In an interaction with Vogue magazine, Rihanna set the contract straight about the Super Bowl — and disclosed that she has a modern album up her sleeve.

The 31-year-old singer has not released an album in the above 3 years. Her fan root went wild when she first teased the modern reggae-style album, “R9,” above a year ago on Instagram. Ever since she has been protecting off fans who keep asking when it is dropping.

On Wednesday, Rihanna substantiated to Vogue that the album is still occurring, and it is still “reggae-inspired.”

Rihanna Reveals the reason she won't be performing at the Super Bowl: Here's everything to know
Rihanna Reveals the reason she won’t be performing at the Super Bowl: Here’s everything to know

It is not going to be typical of what you understand as reggae. But you are going to realize the elements in all of the songs,” she said to the publication.

As far as a launch date, she is not talking.

Rihanna also newly turned down the Super Bowl halftime concert in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who began kneeling in the national anthem to boycott racial injustice in America.

“I could not dare do that. For? Who profits from that? Not my species. I just could not be a sellout. I could not be an enabler. There are things within that organization that I do not concede with at all, and I was not nearly to go and be of assistance to them in any way,” Rihanna said to Vogue.

She told them that even though it has been a minute since she launched new music, she is not stopping it any time soon.

“Music is, like, conversing in code to the world, where they understand it. It is the weird language that connects me to them. … To slash that off is to cut my information off. All of these other aspects flourish on prime of that foundation.”

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Rihanna has been active over the past few decades. She was in the film “Ocean’s 9” previous year, and she has been laboring seemingly non-stop on her style and make-up line.



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