Robotic surgeons are all set to spark ‘revolution in healthcare’


Surgeons performing their craft on patients by controlling robotic arms could become the new trend soon.

The assistance of robots in surgical rooms are expected to revolutionize the manner in which operations are carried out by letting surgeries to be carried out as keyhole procedures

With each passing, robotic surgeries are being adopted by various hospitals. As a result, an increasing number of medics are undergoing practice sessions on how to use then. They facilitate doctors to conduct complex techniques using a minimally invasive approach.

Consultant colorectal surgeon Jonathan Morton is amongst the few who have tried out the machinery.

Robotic surgeons are all set to spark 'revolution in healthcare'
Robotic surgeons are all set to spark ‘revolution in healthcare’

He told that it’s pleasant to watch these robotic mechanisms coming out. He added, “From the way we see it, the system is created in the way so that the stresses on the body are far lesser. It helps reduce the injury rates for surgeons.

“It’s not like the robot is doing all the work – it’s the surgeon using all of his experience and the knowledge telling the robot what to do. Kind of in a way it’s the same as keyhole surgery with robotics.”

The robots have four flexible joints like a human arm and are controlled by a surgeon using a joystick and a 3D screen. It is also capable of conducting a wide range of tasks

CMR Surgical, the company which developed the product, expects this to revolutionize the medical sector.

The chief medical officer of the company, Mark Slack, told: “The idea we have is that we have created a mechanism to allow many more patients to get MAS and all the relief that they get from it – like reduced complications, lowered pain – and the goal bring these in as many hospitals as we can.”

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The RCS says a most of NHS trusts have strict and intrinsic rules and guidelines which surgeons definitely have to follow while using robotics.


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