Rocking Balayage Hair and Everything You Should Know

Rocking Balayage Hair

You just walked past a woman with nicely colored hair and wondered what that could be? It’s called balayage. Rocking Balayage hair is a coloring technique where the stylist makes soft, seamless, and almost perfect highlights on the customer’s hair. 

The stylist can also mix some colors or create an ombre look. However, when creating the ombre, the transition must be smooth with no transition lines visible. To get the best balayage hair, ensure you get a professional stylist to do it for you. 

What Is Balayage

Balayage hair was named so because of the high and low lights that don’t have transitional lines showing. Stylists use their free hand to paint the customer’s hair into a color of their choice, and on the side of their hair, they prefer. Some will have highlights at the front strands, while others choose the sides. 

Also, most people paint their hair from the mid-length towards the ends and not on the roots. Although the most common balayage style is the blonde highlights, women are willing to try different shades, hence the growth of the style. However, when choosing the color of your balayage, it is wise to consider your skin tone. 

Why Rocking Balayage Hair Is Trending

Seeing another woman in balayage style will automatically make you want your hair in it. The colors used for balayage and the applying technique of not seeing transitional lines make the style beautiful, a reason it is trending. Besides, who wouldn’t like to have bright ends with dark roots? 

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Balayage hair is also easy to maintain, another reason women like it. Unlike some hair colors, balayage rarely fades when taken care of. The highlights also attract attention, depending on how bright they are. Therefore, this hairstyle is suitable for women who like some attention and drama. 

Balayage hairstyle flatters anyone, regardless of their hair color or length. You can wear it with long or short hair or thick or thin hair, and it is not picky with age because both girls and senior women can rock it. 


Difference Between Balayage And Ombre And Dip Dye

The main difference between ombre, balayage, and dip dye is the placement and application of the different colors. Although stylists use freehand to create ombre and balayage, for ombre, the mid-length strands are lightened evenly to get the dark to light transition. 

This is different with balayage because you don’t need a transition between the two colors. You could see ribbons of dark or light shades placed in other parts, but not specifically from the mid-length strands to the roots. 

With dip-dye, the mid-length strands are mostly bright blonde, blue or pink. The stylist uses bright colors from the mid-length to the ends. There is also a clear contrast between the natural base color and the dye, different from ombre and balayage. 


Is Balayage Choosy?

Balayage hairstyle is not choosy. It fits everyone with hair on their head. Stylists have a wide selection of colors they choose to flatter the base color of their client’s hair. You can wear balayage if you have warm blonde hair or are a redhead. Besides, the style is low maintenance, and you can get the natural color of your hair back with the growth. 

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If you are more worried about your balayage hair matching the eye color or skin tone, first ensure that your hair is healthy enough for the lift. The wearers should also be keen on the products the stylist is using, ensuring they are high quality. 

For example, you need pre-lightening products that can negatively affect your hair if they are low quality. Some cause complete bleaching, chemical damage to the hair, or even burn your scalp. You should also take good care of the hair by not washing it often to keep the color longer. 

As a colorist, you should first book a consultation session with your first-time balayage triers to avoid bad balayage. Ask them to bring photos of what they want to achieve, and ensure you also understand the colors correctly. 


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