“Roku” Now offering Screen Mirroring For Android And Windows 8.1 Users


Roku has announced that it’s rolling out screen mirroring functionality in beta for a select number of Windows 8.1 and Android devices.

The feature will allow users to quickly mirror content on their devices to the big screen, including videos, apps, websites and more. The functionality is only being supported in the company’s Roku 3 or Roku Streaming Stick for now.

Roku also offers Netflix and YouTube from which you can launch using your smartphone or tablet app and play on your TV via the Roku 3 or Streaming Stick.

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In the battle of streaming devices Roku has a strong, but narrow, lead over the competition with one exception: screen mirroring.

"Roku" Now offering Screen Mirroring For Android And Windows 8.1 Users
“Roku” Now offering Screen Mirroring For Android And Windows 8.1 Users

Apple TV users have long celebrated this feature, which allows the users to project smart device, phone, or computer screen onto your TV.

Chromecast is obviously all about casting what you’re seeing on your computer or phone screen onto your TV. With Roku screen mirroring, it’s a little bit complicated.

Whether you want to put a work report up on the TV or just show friends photos from your phone, Roku screen mirroring is a handy feature.

Every new model of Roku device usually supports screen mirroring for Android and Windows out of the box.

Apple fans have a few options to work around the issue, but pure old-fashioned screen mirroring is only for Android and Windows fans without an app.

Thankfully, if you have a new model Roku, the work is already done for you. Roku automatically has this feature turned on for the new devices.

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If you want to double-check for yourself, however, you can do so by going to the Settings menu, selecting System, and then About.

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According to many reviews in Google Play, the app connects via Wi-Fi and doesn’t always work properly. Plus, it features a lot of ads.

The best of the batch is AirBeam, but with around a three-second delay between your screen and TV, it’s a frustrating app to use. That doesn’t mean you can’t send content from your phone to your TV, however. You just need the Roku remote app.


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