Rolling a Perfect Joint: 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

a Perfect Joint

The Right Amount of Weed for a Perfect Joint

Choosing the Right Rolling Paper

How to Roll an Amazing Joint in 6 Simple Steps

Keep On Rolling

Every smoker understands that knowing how to roll an amazing joint is essential to the puffing experience. It’s the classic way to toke, and doing it wrong can cause some embarrassment when it unravels in front of your 420 circle.

There are various techniques to rolling the perfect J, but starting with the simplest is the right way to go, don’t you agree?

If you don’t know how to perfectly roll a joint, you will do once we’re through. We share an easy method to use and enjoy a smoke from those super autoflower strains you’ve been growing.

Ready to get rolling? Let’s go.

The Right Amount of Weed for Your Joint

Before we jump in and tell you how to roll a perfect joint, you need to gather the goods. The right amount of cannabis is crucial to the final result. Too little, and it all falls apart; too much, and it doesn’t light properly.

0.5 g (about 0.017 oz.) is just right for beginner joint-rollers using 1¼ size papers. This amount makes the process easier and the rolling motion more manageable. 

After you gain confidence with this size paper and the weight of marijuana, you can increase the size and pack your Js tighter.

Choosing the Best Rolling Paper

Knowing how to roll a good joint isn’t enough if you don’t choose the right paper. The perfect selection enhances your technique and provides a better experience as you toke. Make a note of the three following factors to purchase the best papers for the job.

The Size

1¼ size papers are the standard—they’re simple to use and manipulate for newbies and pros alike. 1½ papers are slightly wider, allowing you to pack more weed inside. Size 1 is smaller, and the one cigarette smokers usually use.

More advanced joint rollers like king-size papers. This larger size is perfect when sharing with friends. If you want to make a joint without limits, get a roll of papers. Simply tear off where you want the J to stop.

The Material

Most regular papers are made with tree pulp, but other excellent choices also exist for you to learn how to roll an amazing joint with. The best alternatives include:

  • Bamboo
  • Flax
  • Hemp
  • Rice

Brown papers are a top additive-free option, and other novelty materials also exist, like gold leaf or rose petals.

The Flavor

If you’re not a fan of how cannabis tastes or you want to surprise your smoking circle, there are various flavored papers to try. Pick any infusion you like to make your perfectly rolled joint—just know these flavors aren’t natural.

How to Roll an Amazing Joint in 6 Simple Steps

To make the perfect joint, collect the following:

  • Half a gram (0.017 oz.) of your favorite marijuana
  • Your chosen rolling papers—1¼ if you’re new to this
  • A filter for the end of the joint
  • A cannabis grinder
  • A thin object for packing the J—a pen is ideal

Once you have the materials, follow the six easy steps below to learn how to roll the best joint.

1. Grind the Marijuana

Chunky bits of cannabis are no good for rolling the perfect J. Grind your weed to make the rolling action smoother and ensure your final product burns evenly as you puff. 

If you don’t have a grinder in your tool kit, a pair of scissors or your fingers also work well if the weed is properly dry. 

2. Find a Filter

This step isn’t essential in the best joint rolling technique, but it makes sure your J remains stable as you pack it. A filter also stops you from burning your fingers while you toke. You can create this tiny piece from many materials. 

Most smokers use the thin bit of card that comes inside the packet of rolling papers. It’s thin but durable, meaning it’s easy to manipulate into the form you want. Once you roll the filter, place it at one end of your paper.

3. Add the Cannabis

Hold your paper opposite to where you placed the filter and add the ground marijuana. Be careful not to spill any and feel how much you’re adding with your finger. Make sure you fill it less where the filter is and increase the amount as you move along.

4. Roll Your Joint

Once you spread your weed correctly, it’s time to get those rolling fingers ready. Using the fingertips on both your hands, pinch the middle of the paper and begin moving it back and forth. 

Make your way slowly from the middle to the ends, forming a cone shape as you go. Once you’re happy with the shape, fold the unglued side of the paper inside the joint and roll it up to complete the smokable. But if you don’t feel quite confident in your rolling skills yet, opt for a rolling machine instead. Learn more about how to choose the best rolling machine to get excellent joints in seconds.

5. Seal the Paper

Your sealing technique is crucial to getting the best results. If it’s too soggy, your joint can fall apart. Very slightly wet your tongue and lick along the glued paper edge. Go from the filter end to the other and then stick it down to seal your weed inside.  

6. Pack It All In

Last but not least, you need to pack the joint to stop any from falling out and to ensure an even burn. Grab your pen and gently push the cannabis down from the open end. If you’re saving the smoke for later, twist the top.

Voila! Your perfect joint is ready to light. Gather your favorite snacks, get comfy on your couch, and revel in your handy work. 

Keep On Rolling

You did it! With our simple guide on the perfect way to roll a joint, it’s time to impress your friends. 

As you gain confidence in your J-making skills, why not try using bigger papers and more cannabis? You’ll be king of the ring with your buddies and busting out joint after joint before you know it. 


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