Russia Vaccine Update: Sputnik V Passes Trials, Putin Says Daughter Vaccinated

russia vaccine update

The Russia vaccine update as of now suggests that the most-talked-about and awaited vaccine has been approved. The first COVID-19 vaccine that claims to work perfectly has been named Sputnik V and was developed by Gamaleya Institute, Moscow. The vaccine was in trial for two months and today, President Vladimir Putin reported on its approval.

The world's first vaccine against coronavirus will be registered in Russia in a few days.Russian scientists passed…

Posted by Vladimir Putin on Monday, August 10, 2020

Putin addressed a government meeting earlier today and said that the vaccine has passed all the necessary tests. He said that the most important aspect of the vaccine was to ensure complete safety and efficiency.

The announcement now allows mass vaccination while the final stages of clinical trials keep continuing for efficiency and safety. According to reports, the first set of people to receive the vaccine are healthcare professionals, teachers, and people working under risky circumstances.

One thing that might convince the people of Russia to take the vaccine is that the President’s daughter has been vaccinated with Sputnik V. Putin reported on the same to the public to reassure the credibility of the vaccine.

Is Sputnik V credible enough for coronavirus?

Russia is moving very fast to roll out a vaccine and many consider it as a race to win the global competition. The move at which the country has been going has raised concerns across the world. Many countries are speculating that Russia is putting national pride before science. Moreover, Russia had claimed that they would be the first to approve a coronavirus vaccine. Thus, this can also be a reason that the vaccine raises several questions.

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Russia had priorly announced that it will introduce the coronavirus vaccine by August 10 to 12. Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the leading infectious disease specialists from the US said that it was a fast-track approach. The doctor also said that he hopes both Russia and China are testing their respective vaccines before inoculating anyone. This is because distributing a vaccine before a proper test is problematic.

Russia vaccine update raises concerns due to speedy results

Russia has gone pass front runners in healthcare research like Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca, and Pfizer. But it is raising questions among experts. They are allegedly putting people at risk because apparently human trials take years in usual circumstances. Their speedy move and claim to have gotten a coronavirus vaccine is the reason why it raises concerns.

Questions about the credibility of the vaccine come from the US, Canada, and Britain. The countries have accused Russia to try and hack or steal vaccine research details from the labs of the West.

Delivering a vaccine before the rest of the world is a matter of pride and improves the image of Russia as a global power. Their competence with China and the US have been ever-increasing. Thus, this can also be an example of going ahead in the race.

In April 2020, Putin had asked state officials to reduce the time for clinical trials for several other drugs. According to Russia’s Association of Clinical Trials Organizations, the order was unattainable for scientists.But they all joined in the race to please the people in power.

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