Samsung Q90R 4K HDR QLED TV: Review


Samsung has a great name for its electronic appliances. The Samsung Q90R will be at the top of your list if you are planning for an LED TV in 2019. This TV can do things no other LED TV in 2019 can do. Here are some of the features of Q90R QLED TV which will make it a perfect choice in 2019:

Easy Installation

You need not hire a separate worker to fix this TV at your home. A friend or a family member is enough to help you out with its installation. Although the TV is heavy in weight you need to get some extra muscles to live it up.

The point is that this TV provides you comfortable stability. Samsung provides No Gap Wall Mount with the TV. This mount connects to a recessed portion of the TV and the TV almost smacks against the wall.


Shape and Size

This TV might be heavy by its weight but it has the least bezels you will find in OLED TVs. This device is not as thin as others but it still has anti-glare screen coating which makes it look sleek and modern.

Fancy Features

Samsung has used its own smart TV OS in the Q90R. Tizen is the mane of the OS. It doesn’t use Roku or Android TV. Tizen is a pretty optimized OS. It makes switching between apps and content very easier. It also keeps the history of the previously watched shows or programs.

TV’s Specifications

This TV has the tendency to track the bright side. The TV automatically adjusts the brightness levels in HDR modes. Samsung has introduced an advanced backlighting system and new optical layers. The company calls it the “Q Ultra Wide Angle”. This TV has a better angle of viewing. It has deep blacks with mitigated blooming which makes it the best LED in the range.

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