Samsung to develop New Hologram Projecting smartphone accessories


Over the previous decade, the Korean electronics firm, Samsung has fiddled a crucial role in the development of the present-day smartphone.

Not only is it the firm that sells a maximum number of handsets globally, but it is also one of the hugest suppliers of smartphone parts like display panels and memory modules that encompass RAM and ROM.

As per a freshly granted patent, Samsung is formulating a unique smartphone pier that can launch lifelike 3D holograms in the climate. The patent for the announced dock was filed with USPTO in the year 2018 and it was awarded on September 19, 2019.

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Getting on by the illustrations from the document, Samsung envisions the docking explanation to be interactive in essence, therefore, not only will it cast 3D models, but users will also be prepared to interact with the predictions.

Samsung to develop New Hologram Projecting smartphone accessories
Samsung to develop New Hologram Projecting smartphone accessories

The drawings indicate possible features like pause and play regulator to control music playback.

Another impression from the patent appears to demonstrate interaction with social media mails and incoming announcements. The GIF shared above could make it’s working a little bit simpler to understand.

The patent shows that the technology is encompassed of three main ingredients which comprise an ‘edge display’, a ‘half mirror’ and a ‘retro-reflective element’. As the phrase suggests, “edge screen” is used to refer a phone with a tapered horizon like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

While a ‘divided mirror’ is nothing but aa traditional mirror that reproduces any light rays that plummet on it. Lastly, a ‘retro-reflective element’ is identical to safety reflectors that are frequently seen on motor automobiles.

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All three elements are positioned on a specific angle to each other that can launch the wanted result. The users are only required to place their phone in the outstanding docking station which would side by side keep its battery charged up.

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