Samurai Shodown for Nintendo Switch : First Trailer and Japanese Release Date


A couple of months ago, Samurai Shodown was launched on PS4 and Xbox. The game was released in Japan in the last week of June. The release date for the switch of the Samurai Shodown reboot is here. The reboot will be available on e-stores in Japan on the 12th of December this year.

The news came out through a weekly magazine in Japan on August 28th. The reboot will run at 60 frames per second. It will also offer you to play against your friend through the Joy-Con play.

The early buyers of the reboot will get to win a Switch version of the Samurai Spirits game.

The game is popular for its thrilling combats. The game is equipped with exhilarating weapons for powerful battled. The players get involved in the fights and can win or lose at any second.


The graphic quality of the game has become excellent after evolving through stages. The cast of the game will have sixteen characters in total. Thirteen of them are the older iconic characters and three are an addition to them as newcomers.

The game comes with a Dojo mode that allows players to fight against their own techniques and game pattern. The new artificial intelligence of the game creates a ghost clone from the player’s data.

The new game comes equipped with many more techniques and weapons. It will be a totally new experience with a touch of its originality.

On 29th August, SNK finally released the trailer for the Switch game on its own YouTube channel.

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The game is only available for Xbox and PS4. The PC release is also expected to happen this very year.

The release date for the game in the western markets has not been clarified yet. We will have to wait for the Western launch of the game it seems.



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