San Francisco Design Companies: All About Website Conversion


Website conversion is not a thing in the past. It is rather a present-day reality which business people should really understand. This is where you can draw the line when it comes to your business profitability. By using certain tools, you will be able to determine how great your business is when it comes to converting leads into sales.                                                                                                                                                          For your business to attract and convert leads, you need a business site. Websites are extremely important in business—we already know that. In this sense, San Francisco design companies have a large responsibility on their shoulders. In this article, you are going to understand the essence of conversion and how a site agency can help you.

What should be emphasized is that having a website is not enough. Web agencies shouldn’t design or develop websites based on aesthetics. Firms should create websites with conversion in mind. 

What is web conversion?

Web conversion is the completion of an action on the website. To be more specific, when it comes to e-commerce sites, conversions happen when the users successfully purchased the product

In the case of other websites, the goal is for the user to sign up for a newsletter or share the post on social media. When the goals have been achieved, then you can say that there is conversion. 

Since we are talking about businesses here, let’s focus on the completion of a sale as the conversion. 

Role of San Francisco Design Companies

Web design companies have to make sure that the websites they developed have a high conversion rate. The rate is easily calculated. Using a tool is recommended for this purpose.

There is no such thing as an ideal conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the better it is. But it’s hard to quantify exactly how high a conversation rate is. 

The number of visitors that converted, divided by the total number of visitors, multiplied by 100. The answer is the conversion rate. This means that if you have 1,000 visitors on the website and 100 of them purchased something, you have a 10% conversion rate. 

The difficulty lies in the many factors that affect the business. For example, if the business sells essentials, then there is a high chance that there will be a number of conversions. On the other hand, if you are in the business of selling unique products, then conversion will be limited. 

There is also what’s considered a sales cycle. If you are selling winter clothing, for example, conversion is expected to be low during summer. In other words, the business will have a low conversion rate during summer. 

Now let’s talk about the role of San Francisco design companies. There are four conversion stages. In each state, the web design company has an important role:

  • Awareness

This is the first step of conversion. People become aware of the business and your products and services when they visit the website. 

The website should make a good job of allowing people to be aware of the company. This involves great content about the company and the products and services offered. 

Web agencies should drum up awareness in order to proceed to the next level. 

There are times when users don’t go to the next level. That means that the agencies failed in making sure that users become aware of how good the brand is and how interesting their products and services are. 

  • Interest

The next step would be interest. After being aware of the brand, the user could look closely at the products and services. 

The awareness part should lead to interest. This is the part where users want to get to know the business better. This is the part where users dig deeper into the business. 

They might have only browsed the first page at first. But now that the interest has piqued, the user will go to the next few pages to get to know the products better. 

Web agencies have to present the best version of the products. They should be attractive enough so that something else will be emitted from the user. 

  • Desire

That something else is in the form of desire. A good web design agency will be able to encourage desire from the user. 

When there is desire, conversion is so much closer. Remember, the main goal is conversion. This is almost the last step before the end-goal is met. 

A design firm can encourage desire through the descriptions of each product. The descriptions should be promising. This way, the user will go to the next and last step of the process. 

  • Action

This is the completion of conversion through action. This is the process of buying or acting according to the desire. 

This four-stage process is known as the sales funnel. This is because it is like actually funneling out the users who will end up being converted. 

Let’s look at it this way. There will be a maximum number of people who have become aware of the business. However, not all of them will actually be interested. 

Then, among the people who have become interested with the business or the products, only a fraction will actually desire it. When all the things align—what the customer wants and the price is just right—then that desire will lead to action. 

Again, only some of the people who desire the products will end up paying for them. 

Increasing conversion rate

Now, how do San Francisco design companies increase conversion rate? 

  • Research

The website has to be built for the core audience. It’s necessary that the web designers understand the audience of the brand. 

You see, if the website is not built for the audience, there is a chance that a lot of people will visit the site, but only a small fraction will actually be interested. Remember that interest is only the second step. 

It is not enough that the website is really striking and beautiful. It has to work for its audience, too. 

  • Good UI and UX design

Then of course, it also has to be functional. This means that the interface or UI design is neat and easy to understand. You can’t allow the people to analyze what to do when they are already on the page. 

Action should be automatic. This means that what they see is something familiar, even if it is aesthetically unique. 

Related to that, the website should also be easy to navigate. That’s what the UX design is for. The web design agency should make it easy for the audience to navigate the site. If not, even if there is interest and desire, there would be a low chance of an action being completed. 

Good design matters. This statement holds true for all designs, whether you are talking about clothes or furniture or even interiors. 

But when it comes to websites, good design is more technical than aesthetic. The ability to do a good design also comes with the analysis of how the audience interacts on the website. 

This means that you have to keep improving your site. It’s not done just because it has been completed. 

  • Responsive design

A lot of people do their internet browsing through their phones. If your website design is not mobile-friendly, then you can expect people to just leave and shop elsewhere. 

The sheer convenience of the mobile phone will also increase conversion. People are on their phones to easy boredom or to make the waiting period go by quickly. In those situations, they could easily be swayed to buy. 

That’s the thing, though; you have to make sure that they can actually shop on your site through their phones. 

Lastly, always remember that a mobile-friendly and informative website is the main key to success.


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