Sarah Paulson still wants an Ellie Staple spin-off: Here everything to know


After nearly two decades, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable trilogy finally came to shut in Jan 2019 with Glass, which is airing on HBO tonight at 8 p.m. ET. But yank Horror Story star wife Paulson hopes that tumbler isn’t very the tip.

It’s an M. Night Shyamalan picture, so of course, there’s a twist. Spoiler alert: Dr. Ellie Staple isn’t a medical specialist WHO makes a specialty of folks that suppose they’re superheroes, she is an agent of a global initiative to suppress superhumans, for the good of humanity.

Paulson spoke to Decider in April about that twist ahead of the film’s DVD and On-Demand release.

Sarah Paulson still wants an Ellie Staple spin-off: Here everything to know
Sarah Paulson still wants an Ellie Staple spin-off: Here everything to know

“I same affirmative to doing the picture while not ever having scan the script, therefore I had no plan what I used to be even reaching to be doing within the picture,” Paulson same.

“I definitely didn’t apprehend I used to be reaching to be the one answerable for the death of such a lot of beloved characters. I wasn’t certain however snug I used to be with that I didn’t actually need the trolls hating on Maine.”

And, she said, there have been some negative reactions to her character that she saw on social media. “It’s never straightforward.”

But at the same time, Paulson also saw fans who loved her character and asked for another film specifically an Ellie Staple spin-off movie.

I don’t believe their square measures any plans to try to something like that. Night has the same that Glass would be the last within the trilogy.”

Unfortunately for Paulson and the Ellie Staple fans, it appears extremely unlikely a production picture can ever return to fruition.

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Despite Glass performing arts well at the box workplace, Shyamalan has said he has no interest in expanding beyond the trilogy into a cinematic universe. “I have the sequel rights to most of my movies, essentially for the reason to not do them.”

That seems like a reasonably firm “No.” Oh, well. There’s forever Ellie Staple fanfiction, and you’ll scan Decider’s full interview with Paulson within the meanwhile.


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