Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto

We all know that Bitcoin has become a revolutionary cryptocurrency over the past few years. In a very small period, Bitcoin has taken over the entire globe as the largest and the most valuable cryptocurrency. Despite a lot of speculation in its early days, Bitcoin has reached almost every corner of the world. However, with its high popularity, there is a certain angle of mystery to it. The mystery lies in the founder of Bitcoin. The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. The issue here is that we don’t know much about him. This is one of the most mysterious names in today’s world. The founder of Bitcoin, who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto has not come out in the public eye yet.

It is important to know who that person is because as he is the founder and a giant owner of bitcoin, he holds immense wealth. Let us talk a little more about his net worth to understand the gravity of this person’s importance and were using a Binance trading bot.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Fortune

As per the records, the person who goes by Satoshi Nakamoto has millions of bitcoin under his ownership. This means that his value just by his bitcoin collection alone is more than 6 billion dollars. This amount of wealth is unimaginable. This is why there are numerous theories behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s name and the identity behind that name. Here are some fun facts about Nakamoto that will help us understand this situation better.

Faded Away

If you are into cryptocurrencies or interested in the world of bitcoin, then you must be aware that Satoshi Nakamoto’s exit was as mysterious as his entry. His was found last active via some emails back in 2011. Ever since then, he is believed to be gone far from the world of bitcoin. However, there are a lot of speculations about his exit, and nothing has been proved yet.

Multiple Owners

One of the most popular theories that go behind this name is that Satoshi Nakamoto is not a person. The theory is that there is no particular individual with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is a group of people behind the name. A lot of experts believe that a group of millionaires/billionaires came together to form this individual and create bitcoin. This also means that the ownership of millions of bitcoins is divided amongst them. However, keep in mind that this is just a theory, and there is no proof yet to back this up. There is still ample research and investigation going behind who Nakamoto actually is.

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Popularity and Fandom

Just like Bitcoin, the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has his own popularity and fandom. Ever since the stories about the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto came out, it gained ample attention from all across the globe. The popularity of Nakamoto got to such a high that people even started selling merchandise in his name. Since there is no clarity of who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is, there are a lot of clothing apparel that is being sold that says the quote- I am Satoshi Nakamoto.

Such clothing apparel and other Nakamoto-related merchandise have become widely popular in recent times.

With the new updates and advancements in the Satoshi case, it will be interesting to see how the fans react to them.

Not Person but Company?

Another interesting theory behind Satoshi and its origin is that it is not a person behind this, but it is actually a group of companies. Yes, it may sound like a weird theory, but a lot of people actually do believe in it. According to this theory, 4 or 5 huge companies that have their reach around the globe come together and made up this name to start up one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. In order to boost the world of cryptocurrency, this group of companies put a large chunk of wealth together and launched Bitcoin while holding the majority of the owner under them. By doing so, they were able to keep their financial involvement hidden from everyone else and the government as well.

Wikileaks and Emails

The reason why this name got such hype in the first place is that the name came up on WikiLeaks. During the initial days of Wikileaks, a lot of names came up, and one of the names that got the attention of everyone was Satoshi Nakamoto. Here, we had a name that no one had ever heard of. Still, it was an extremely powerful name to remain in anonymity. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took over, the name got under the radar. Soon, there were many theories and speculation surrounding that name. However, nothing can be said about who this person actually is until today.

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Email Exchange and Interaction

Moreover, some popular people came under the radar, too, as there were some records of them linking up with Nakamoto. Another peculiar thing about Nakamoto is that he never met them personally. From the very beginning, he always kept himself private and away from all the people he connected with. That is why he always chooses to talk with them via mail only. Some people also speculate that people who have a record of them talking/sharing mails with Satoshi are Satoshi Nakamoto themselves. Some people believe that these people faked an account as Satoshi and shared emails with themselves so that the people who never think that they are the ones behind Bitcoin. This is also a vague theory that has been denied by almost all the people that came under the spotlight during the early days of Wikileaks.


Hence, as of today, we cannot say who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is. However, all the speculations and theories are extremely interesting and intriguing. Let us wait and keep a close eye on the case so that we get the latest updates.


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