Saving the space of your device by compressing your PDF file.

PDF file

Once in your life, you probably experienced your laptop or any of your devices slowing down in terms of performance of PDF file. It is the most annoying thing one could experience, especially if you are in a hurry for a deadline. Many reasons could be attributed to this, but the most common one would be that your phone’s memory or space is almost exceeding its capacity.  

There are many ways to save space on your device. You can use cloud storage or delete unnecessary files. However, if you are hesitant about using cloud storage or cannot let go of your previous files, one good way we could suggest is to compress the files in your device. In this article, we will focus on compressing your PDFdrive files.

Things to know when compressing a PDF file 

PDF files are one of the commonly used formats in school and work. Specifically, in the academe, PDFs of dissertations come in hundreds of pages, therefore consuming a significantly massive part of your devices’ space. As mentioned above, having many files with a huge file size slows down your computer or device’s performance. 

This is where compressing a PDF file becomes a viable option—compressing means to lower the file size. You can search for compress PDF online, and it will lead you to various compression tools. In compressing a file, usually, the process would reduce the quality. But, we will suggest to you a compression tool that ensures the highest quality of your file. 

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PDFbear: The best Compressing PDF tool 

PDFbear is the best compression tool to go for your PDF file. The Website prides itself on having the best compressing technology online that offers their services for free. It can compress your file up to 70%, guaranteed to free a lot of space in your device. Furthermore, it does the job quickly, ensuring a quality output in a short period. 

The Website is also designed for the convenience of its users. Even the least tech-savvy person can navigate the platform without any problems. It only has four simple steps to follow, and the platform itself does most of the work. All you have to do is click a few times and then wait for a short while for the process to finish. 

PDF bear is also known for the value it puts on the Privacy of its customers. The creators understand that some might be uncomfortable uploading their file on the internet; hence they assure to permanently delete your file in the server after a short while of the process completion. 

The Website is also universally accessible as it works on different systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its Cloud storage allows it to be accessed by people anytime and anywhere, even when they do not use a computer, phones, and tablets to perform the process. It is the perfect PDF compressor on the internet that you can freely access! 

How to Compress your PDF using PDFbear?

To compress your PDF file, click “Choose files” and then choose a PDF file from your device. You may also drag the file in the box. After selecting a file, choose the available option. The platform will do its magic. You only have to wait for the process to complete. After a while, you can have your output ready for download or sharing.  

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Takeaway of PDF File

The problems in our devices may have solutions that are only within our reach. We must have basic knowledge about the causes of our devices’ issues and how we go about finding solutions to it. PDFbear is the best solution online to answer the problems with your devices’ storage. 


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