Scott Disick Gives Penelope’s Room a $20,000 Redesign: Hee’s all you need to know


On Sunday’s all-time Flip It Like Disick, Scott Disick enrolled the benefit of interior designer Willa Ford for an undertaking for his daughter. As per the E! personality, his median child with Kourtney Kardashian felt her room dulled as compared to older brother Mason Disick’s bedroom.

Thus, Disick agreed that it was time to give the room a much-needed boost.

The father of three explained in a confessional that obviously, the most extraordinary girl in the world to him is his little daughter, Penelope and because she goes back-and-forth to her mother, Kourtney’s house, because they co-parent, he wants Penelope to be as safe at his house as she is at her mother’s and he wants her room at her fathers to be perfect.

While Disick was anxious to give his tiny girl whatever she wished, he felt ambivalent over the seven-year-old’s intention to have an all-pink bedroom.

Scott Disick Gives Penelope's Room a $20,000 Redesign: Hee's all you need to know
Scott Disick Gives Penelope’s Room a $20,000 Redesign: Hee’s all you need to know

His house clearly has a certain vibe and that is not pink as said by Lord Disick. He just thinks that grey is a little extra timeless and she will thrive into it.”

However, Penelope was not realizing her father’s recommendation as she announced to Willa’s team that she needed pink walls. This was not the only design recommendation that North West’s sibling made.

For example, Penelope wanted a modern chair, but not a bar as that would be very cheesy. The youngster also disclosed that she would like a rainbow portrait of herself and for her bed to be like a slime trench.

During a follow-up meeting about the bedroom, Scott and Willa agreed on that they would deck Penelope’s are out with a new lamp, pretty side tables, large bedding, a fur throw, a big fur rug, a fun chair, and rainbow tape lamps.

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