“Sega” To Release New Animated Sonic Shorts Soon

"Sega" To Release New Animated Sonic Shorts Soon

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Sega’s director of animation Yukio Kusumoto spoke regarding the animated shorts discharged for Sonic Mania and Team Sonic athletics. Known formally as Sonic Mania Adventures and Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, the arrange is to currently unharness additional series like this for future Sonic games.

The company’s Director of Animation has revealed there are several projects in the pipeline to follow-up the ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’ and ‘Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive’ animated cartoon series.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, he said: “I can say we have a plan of continuing this trend creating short-form content per game release, and we can’t announce yet, but several comes are planned; for those comes, we are in early development, but yes, we will continue releasing this type of content.”

"Sega" To Release New Animated Sonic Shorts Soon
“Sega” To Release New Animated Sonic Shorts Soon

Meanwhile, fans of the blue-haired hedgehog also have the upcoming ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ to look forward to. However, the team behind the production was forced to make “changes” to the character after fan backlash against the trailer.

Jeff Fowler logged onto Twitter to tell fans that he heard the online criticism “loud and clear” about the changes to the look of Sega’s iconic video game character in the upcoming CGI film.

Among the foremost detested options of the updated Sonic character were his human teeth, blue fur, and pointy nose and the overhaul comes six months before the movie’s early November release.

The film’s story can see a law office within the rural city of inexperienced Hills facilitate Sonic escape the govt. World Health Organization is trying to capture him. Jim Carrey is to play the villain Doctor Eggman Robotnik, who has always been Sonic’s archenemy in the video game series.

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Sonic created his computer game debut on the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive console, with the character created by Sega as a response to rival Nintendo’s hugely popular ‘Super Mario Bros.’ series of platform titles.


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