Senna” is the next League of Legends champion confirms New teaser


We will soon see the next limited League of Legends champions, and after a ton of leaks and some tiny teases, Riot has put out a narrowly more substantial tape with some strong hints that the following original personality will be Senna.

The teaser arrives just before next week’s scheduled champion roadmap, which is established to properly unveil the following three new champions for League.

In League of Legends mythology, Senna was the wife of Lucian, before Thresh caught her soul and trapped it inside his lamp.

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The new teaser trailer, named Dark Passage, sees Lucian hunt Thresh through the Shadow Isles, as well as a short flashback shot that occurs to show Thresh apprehending Senna’s spirit.

Senna" is the next League of Legends champion confirms New teaser
Senna” is the next League of Legends champion confirms New teaser

This arrives after numerous indications and leaks about the Senna’s debut in League, as The Rift Herald has obtained.

Lucian has bought a new bit of lore, which is the kind of thing that usually arrives just before a modern champ’s debut.

League’s Facebook page newly reshared – then canceled – a meme regarding Lucian and Senna.

Then, Senna’s name jerked in an update to the game’s Chinese PBE. That modern roadmap is set to go live on Wednesday, October 16, so we will know for sure very soon.

The post should also provide us with more details on upcoming Volibear and Fiddlesticks reworks. More League of Legends:

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Ultimately we possess very little information to go with so far and have more suspicions than the answers.


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