Setting Up Your Own Home Gym: The Time is Now

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Authorities are starting to loosen the restrictions from the COVID-19 lockdown, but this does not mean that things are back to normal. As long as the cure or vaccine eludes scientists all over the world, the risk of infection remains. It would be a good idea to limit your time outdoors as much as possible until the virus can be controlled completely, just to be on the safe side.   

If you have been looking to set up a home gym, now is the time to do it. Staying physically active can be difficult without your own Home Gym Equipment. You may think it is not a priority at a time like this, but you would be wrong. Now, more than ever is the time to prioritise your health

Here are a few tips on how to set up a gym that will keep you physically active and fit without leaving your home.

If you are looking to build muscle mass, lose weight, or do a bit of both, then you would need a squat rack or a full rack, Olympic barbell with weight plates, and an adjustable bench. This setup is versatile enough that you can target all muscle groups and do many exercises outside of cardio such as squat workouts, bench press exercises, and free weight exercises. Aside from flexibility, another good thing about this setup is it does not eat up much space in your house or of your budget. 

Another option is a home workout station. Similar to the free weights set up, this Home Gym Equipment does not take up much space and is budget-friendly. Generally, free weights can activate more muscles than a workstation, but unless you are training for a competition, this should not be a problem. 

  • Cardio exercises

A stationary bike, cross trainer, treadmill, or rowing machine are some of the more common cardio equipment. They come in virtually every price point to fit your budget. For a more dynamic cardio workout, you can set up a punching bag and buy a pair of boxing gloves. The heavy bag can be mounted on the ceiling, a beam, with a wall mount, or a weighed down free stand.

  • Light exercises

For light to moderate exercises, you can get a dumbbell set with a rack, kettlebells, and a jump rope. You can also do a full-body workout with this setup but not at the intensity level of free weights using a barbell. Another option is to invest in yoga accessories such as a yoga mat, block, bolster, strap, and the bag to put them in. Light to moderate exercises is advisable for beginners and the elderly. 

  • Workout safety

For safety during exercises, you can also install rubber floor tiles in your home gym. They are durable and slip-resistant to avoid falls and accidents. They also dampen the impact when you drop the barbell or dumbbells during an exercise routine. It is also important to have gloves, wraps, straps, belts to protect yourself further during exercise.

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Setting up a home gym may seem expensive at first, but it is ultimately more cost-efficient than years of a gym membership. At a time when health and fitness are paramount, it is an even wiser investment. Besides, with a strategic selection of Home Gym Equipment, it does not even have to be expensive, to begin with.  


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