Shakira officially launched 2020 with new music


Shakira officially launched 2020 with new music. The Colombian singer teams up with the Puerto Rican urban singer Anuel AA on “Me Gusta”, released on Monday, January 13th. Shakira and Anuel confirmed the collaboration via social media over the weekend. With new music and the Super Bowl next door, Shakira’s 2020 is already huge. Monday, January 13, the Colombian world star unveiled his single “Me Gusta” in collaboration with the Puerto Rican trap artist Anuel AA.
“Me Gusta” is an optimistic reggaeton trap that follows the “Chantaje” style (with Maluma). Through the lyrics, Shakira and Anuel are a loving couple who have spent too much time together and have bad habits. They lose the sparks of love. The contagious fusion of reggaeton and Latin-trap revives Inner Circle’s reggae bop in 1992 “Swear”, using parts of the timeless choir “ala la la la long”.

Shakira officially launched 2020 with new music
Shakira officially launched 2020 with new music

“Me Gusta”, which translates to “I Like You”, is a song about a couple who is very in love but who puts their stagnant relationship first. “You took me to dinner, then to the movies and to dance,” sings Shak. “And now you forget these details with me.” Shakira’s new jam comes less than a month from her takeover at halftime of the Super Bowl LIV February 2 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, where she will co-star with Jennifer Lopez. The hitmaker ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ returned with ‘Me Gusta’ with the Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA on Monday (13.01.20). The reggaeton rap track sees artists depicting lovers who have lost the mojo in their romance. The duo sampled the song ‘Sweat’ from the Jamaican reggae fusion group Inner Circle at the start of the song. After the release of a remix of Tutu by Camilo and Pedro Capo in October, the 42-year-old star teased his fans that new music was on the way.

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