Shane Dawson’s New ‘pig’ merch collection Revealed with Jeffree Star


Shane Dawson the famous YouTuber has collaborated with Jeffree Star again to bring about a merchandise line known as the ‘pig-merch’. We said again because Shane and Jeffree have already announced their collaboration for an upcoming eyeshadow palette named Conspiracy.

Jeffree Star along with being an Internet star and a sensation also is known for two extremely popular brands. While one of the brands is a makeup brand named Jeffree Star Cosmetics the other one is a merchandise line named the Killer Merch.

Shane Dawson's New  'pig' merch collection Revealed with Jeffree Star
Shane Dawson’s New ‘pig’ merch collection Revealed with Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson in collaboration with Jeffree Star’s Killer Merch launched pig-themed merchandise. The merchandise from the house of two of the pioneering Internet sensations was anticipated in high intensity. So much so that the whole line of merchandise went out of stock within seconds of the launch.

The fans calmed down a bit when Shane took to his Twitter account to tweet about his excitement saying he never imagined that he would be saying this anytime but is so happy to say that the entire line of pig-merch has stocked out. But it will be restocked again soon. 

Jeffree Star had was also seen in another collaboration with Shane before the makeup and merch brands. It was an American documentary series produced by Shane Dawson which got aired on Shane Dawson’s Youtube Channel in the name of ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’. The two stars are so popular that the number of views crossed 45 million+. So, it didn’t come as a shock when the pig merch stocked out within minutes.

The Pig Merch has an interesting line of quirky and cute products. Starting from tees, hoodies, joggers, hand-held mirror to pig-shaped backpack, sliders and lot more. The entire collection was themed mostly in pink and black and was being teased by Shane and Jeffree from months before the launch. When you have such a big fan following, your flash sale is bound to be this successful. 

Imagine the response that they will get on their makeup cola, particularly the talked about Conspiracy Eye palette. 

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