Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello shuts Break Up Rumours by posting pictures on instagram


There’s no doubt that the chemistry between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello both on and off the stage is hot. But many of their fans have been wondering.

Will this Hollywood couple last? Though the two young celebrities are super open about their affection for one another, they’ve been fielding criticism about their relationship ever since the beginning.

It’s not easy to be one of pop music’s most talked-about couples, with the news buzzing most recently about a potential breakup. This time, Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello shut down breakup rumors with a hot Instagram that totally proves they’re still going strong.

The “Senorita” collaborators press Associate in Nursing rumors a few breakups with an Oct. 19 Instagram post on Mendes’ account.

The romantic picture shows Cabello giving Mendes a kiss on the cheek whereas he fondly wraps one arm around his girlfriend and holds an engross the opposite.

Captioned with a straightforward black heart and labeled in the big apple, the lovebirds have clearly been enjoying their nights out along. Cabello replied to the sweet picture with four arrow-through-heart emojis that without doubt signify her lovestruck emotions.

Cabello additionally took on the rumor mill herself with a nervy Instagram story. In her stories, the singer shared a screenshot of a piece entitled “Proof dancer and Camilla area unit shifting.”

The rumors started production when fans detected Mendes had deleted Associate in the Nursing older Instagram post of the lovebirds creating out.

Mendes explained in the video, “We saw some comments on Twitter and stuff about how we kiss like fish.

The two lovebirds were extremely playful in the video and looked like they were having so much fun poking fun at those who criticize their PDA.

Since Mendes and Cabello weren’t kept regarding squashing all the rumors, it looks like their doubters had it wrong this time. Their relationship can without doubt still attract criticism, however, the young celebrities appear to be handling the spotlight simply fine.


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