Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello’s Dating Status Is A Mystery Never Decoded, Details Inside


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello met back in 2014 for the first time during the Mahone’s tour. Since then, the pair have been mentioning each other here and there as close buddies. 

Fans can’t help but suspect that there’s more to them than just friends. Camila had mentioned during an interview that she had made a move towards Shawn but he friend-zoned her. 

As fans love to call them, Shawnmila together, both featured in a number of duets which were a successful hit on the charts. 

Shawn mentioned that Camila was his favourite person in the world during an interview. With their latest track that dropped in June 2019, ‘Senorita’, Camila Cabello’s break up with Matthew Hussey was confirmed. 



This gave a room for Shawnmila to emerge for real. It wasn’t very late when the duo was spotted with their hands intertwined with each other. The very next day, they were seen partying together. Since then, there have been multiple times when Shawnmila was spotted together spending quality time that firmed the belief that Cabello and Mendes were dating for real. 

Reports suggest that they were taking it as a summer fling before feelings made its way to their hearts and it became so much more than just a fling. 

The pictures of the duo licking their lips at the Bay Area Café confirmed the reports of them dating seriously. 

Mendes and Camila were seen together in Miami recently. Camila attended Shawn’s tour on July 28th. Fans saw her grooving to the music of Mendes. 

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Looks like the fans’ dreams come true as Camila and Shawn definitely look into each other for real now. The latest picture of them having some special time in the ocean of Miami made it clear that they have evolved as a real couple and love has made it’s a way to their relationship. We look forward to some more sweet moments of the couple.


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