Shopify CEO offers an internship to esport as he respects “StarCraft skill”


Billionaire CEO, Tobi Lütke offered an internship to an ex-pro player of StarCraft II at Shopify via Twitter.

When ex-StarCraft pro – Kevin Ryoo aka ‘SeleCT’, tweeted that he has been looking for an internship in software engineering, Lütke, CEO of the eCommerce site Shopify offered him a post in the internship program.

Kevin Ryoo wasn’t simply a StarCraft II pro. In his early days, he won top position in several Warcraft 3 tournaments and Dawn of War competitions besides other Terran victories.

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Inspired by his eternal love for video games, Kevin decided to choose to code as his passion and following the steps to come closer to his aim.

Shopify CEO offers an internship to esport as he respects "StarCraft skill"
Shopify CEO offers an internship to export as he respects “StarCraft skill”

He is currently studying at the University of Washington in the field of Computer Sciences and Technology to become a software Engineer.

“As somebody who has utilized to internships, labored internships, and has by no means had a profitable esports profession (Team Liquid name me), I’m extremely jealous of this complete interplay.

The circumstances surrounding this are so mind-bogglingly unusual that it’s the form of factor Kevin could be telling his hypothetical grandkids.” – tweets one user.

Lütke might have been inspired by Ryoo’s portfolio that was linked in his bio on Twitter account or simply Shopify owner gives due consideration to StarCraft pro ability which gathered Ryoo as many as 16 thousand followers on Twitter.

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But as all interns nervously do, Ryoo has responded to a lot of questions about how to apply or a possible referral. It is one of the things that all interns should worry about any way it would be related to content.

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In any case, Lütke is quite contented by the Reddit response the entire interaction has gathered. Thus, it is advisable to become a pro at a videogame, if you are going for some internship. Good luck with that.


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