Sid Haig’s Hospitalization Has Fans Expressing Concerns

Sid Haig's Hospitalization Has Fans Expressing Concerns
Sid Haig's Hospitalization Has Fans Expressing Concerns

Earlier tonight, horror actor Sid Haig’s Instagram feed was enigmatically updated to mention he’s been in AN accident. In AN update – or profile description amendment – from his mate Suzie, it absolutely was mentioned the actor had been in AN accident and placed within the ICU.

The acting career of Sid Haig spans six decades and an overplus of in style genre films, from Kill Bill: Vol. 2 to Bone Tomahawk. The star is maybe best identified, however, for his work with cult director Rob Zombie, including the 2012 horror movie The Lords of Salem and the 2007 Halloween remake.

The actor’s single most famous role though just might be the murderous Captain Spaulding, who’s so far appeared in two of Zombie’s films.

Sid Haig's Hospitalization Has Fans Expressing Concerns
Sid Haig’s Hospitalization Has Fans Expressing Concerns

The character was 1st introduced as a psychotic clown in 2003’s House of one thousand Corpses, however, in 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, Spaulding went most of the movie with no makeup, since Zombie wanted the killer to be more gritty and less cartoonish for his second outing.

At the time, critic Roger Ebert discovered that Haig’s performance was additional scary while not his clown make-up, remarking, “He plays such a thoroughly disgusting person, indeed, that I was driven to discover that in real-world Sid appearance, well, respectable.”
Sid Haig reprised his role over again for the approaching three From Hell, that arrives in theaters on Sep sixteenth with some sturdy buzz behind it. In the meanwhile, we’ll simply droop tight till additional news on his accident emerges.

We simply detected that Sid Haig has been in an accident and is presently within the ICU per his mate Suzie. Graveyard Shift needs the speediest of recoveries to our pricey Captain Spaulding. We’re all thinking of you over here. – Graveyard Shift (@graveyard_5hift) September 6, 2019

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We just heard Sid Haig has been moved to the ICU following an accident. Our thoughts are with his family. — Nightmare on Film Street (@NOFSpodcast)


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