Simple Interior Design Upgrades To Elevate Your Home

How to do Interior Design for your home

Australia is a beautiful world where the afterglow of hundreds of years of culture meets the glass-and-steel silhouette of modern cityscapes and natural wonder of the wild. Anywhere you go, you will experience an unforgettable encounter with exotic wildlife — kangaroos jumping across the fields, koalas atop eucalyptus stalks, and a friendly wombat by your campsite. But it is not just wildlife that brings Australia to life. In its local farms, you will find thousands of sheep and alpaca, which contribute to making the country the top exporter of wool.

You may have a picturesque property situated in the heart of Australia’s wonders, but it can still be the most uncomfortable place on earth without the right furnishings. While you may be reluctant to look into upgrading your home due to financial constraints, know that there are certain ways by which you can turn a shabby shack into a cozy and chic Airbnb through simple changes. From picking out the perfect Australian wool quilt to statement lighting, here are some low-cost upgrades to elevate your home.

Bedding Makes All The Difference

The room you most frequent at home is likely the bedroom — a comfortable abode where you can relax in a mountain of fluffy sheets. While most people settle for low-end quilts made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, they are unlikely to offer a hotel-level of comfort. Consider upgrading your bedding with a higher-end option such as Australian wool quilt, which is made of 100% pure sheep’s wool and cotton.

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Wool is a magical material that doubles up as a temperature regulator due to its ability to absorb moisture from the air. It adjusts to the external climate so you can snuggle into cool or warm sheets, depending on the season. That way, one blanket is enough to last you throughout the changing Australian weather for plenty of years. While an Australian wool quilt is likely to come in plain white, you can dress it up with some fun duvet covers to match your mood.

Subtle Lighting, Powerful Results

Your home might already have finely-crafted furniture made with high-end materials that last decades, but still feels like it is missing something. In that case, you may want to assess each room’s lighting conditions. Generally, living spaces and home offices will benefit from large windows so sunlight can seep through, or bright lights to help you concentrate when the sun goes down. However, a single white bulb can be pretty boring.

Accent lighting is one of the interior design industry’s best-kept secrets. Setting up a couple of extra, minimal lights can make all the difference. For example, if you have paintings in the hallway, then you may want to put a small bulb above them to keep each artwork illuminated and create an interesting visual point. Also, you can use LED aquarium lights in your fish tank to give it a more sophisticated look. Meanwhile, bedrooms can benefit from warmer-toned lights and tall bedside lamps to set a nighttime mood and offer vision functionality in the dark. The options are endless — study your home carefully to determine what accent light would work for specific rooms.

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Plants Bring Life To The Home

A couple of years ago, social media brought everyone into a plant frenzy. From miniature cacti to bonsai and aerial plants, greenery started to fill homes, both indoors and outdoors. Plants are highly beneficial as they bring a natural element into any space. They make the air feel cleaner, the room prettier, and are overall wonderful to have around. If you can commit to basic care and maintenance, then consider bringing some into your home. Three bedroom homes by Truoba

Aerial plants are wonderful, low-maintenance options for living spaces and the outdoors, while bamboo does well inside bathrooms due to the shower steam. Potted plants also bring a variety of interesting silhouettes — the key is not to shy away from larger greenery if your home can accommodate them. You can also add more naturalistic elements that go well with the plants like indoor fountains for your home. You can find some beautiful options in your local Australian plant shop, greenhouse, or online.

Decorating your home can be a challenging ordeal, but you can certainly make it look more expensive than it seems by upgrading the right pieces. Nothing beats a comfortable abode in sunny Australia, after all!


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