Six businesses (big and small) that can flourish with a good website

Six businesses

If you’re hunting for new customers and trying to grow your online presence, you need a website.  After all, with 36 percent of consumers discovering new companies through online search engines, it is a no-brainer to have an online presence with a nicely designed website to showcase your products and services. 

As far as costs are concerned, small businesses run on a tight budget, and it can be hard for them to justify the additional costs of running and maintaining a website to their monthly ledger. 

But, these businesses should also know that there are numerous affordable ways of creating a compelling website that guarantees an excellent ROI simultaneously.

On the other hand, if you think having a website is irrelevant for your business and keeps you away from getting one, think again. 

Regardless of its nature, every business needs a website to establish an online presence and communicate with customers. To illustrate this point, we’ll look at a few companies you think don’t need a website, and we’ll demonstrate why they do. 

Retail Businesses 

In this category, we can include various business types; clothing, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture. So, if you rely on the internet for sales, you need a website to sell your retail products. Not to mention, retail businesses must maintain an online presence to keep up with their competitors and survive, let alone thrive. 

It is easier to go online and order your favorite products with a few clicks, isn’t it? But just getting a website won’t be enough nowadays. You will need more tools at your disposal to make an impression on your customers and keep them from switching over to competitor websites. 

There are lots of resources available online that offer digital tools to help businesses reach their goals. If you check reviews and comparisons from Digital Supermarket, you’ll have a better understanding of the tools you’ll need to make your business a success online. 

Travel Agencies

Gone are the times when you had to visit your local travel agent’s office to acquire quotes for your next vacation. Travel enthusiasts use the internet via their smartphones, computers, and laptops to look for travel agencies that provide the required travel services. 

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So, if you’re a travel agency relying on a traditional brick-and-mortar location, creating a website for your business will allow your company to be seen as a reliable resource to its clients. 

Not to mention, a website that is accessible 24/7 allows you to service clients regardless of their location. 


It is a well-known fact that millions of hotels spread throughout the world accommodate travelers from different countries. They wouldn’t be able to if they did not have a website. 

If you’re a hotel owner looking for customers overseas or even a few hundred miles from your location, you can’t reach out to them without a website.  

Without a website, you can only market your business through traditional marketing techniques such as Billboards, TV/Radio adverts, and word-of-mouth, but it will only get you so far. 

So, to cater to a broader customer base, provide them with a functional website where they get information regarding reservations, flight schedules, and other necessary details. 

Healthcare Facilities

Any business looking to achieve success in its respective sector needs to have an online presence, and healthcare facilities are no different. 

An online medical resource will play a vital role in improving healthcare facilities’ reputation while acquiring more healthcare consumers in the process. 

After COVID-19, an increasing number of patients are looking for online resources to get information regarding various ailments. They are also keener on making appointments online instead of visiting a hospital or queuing for hours. 

So, whether you want to grow your healthcare business or help the community, a website will allow you to communicate and interact with a larger audience. 

On the other hand, a healthcare website that acts as a resource will help users list medical services, treatments, procedures, and elective surgeries offered by hospitals in a specific area, allowing users from that area to avail themselves of any service they desire. 

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Exotic Car Rentals/Repair.

Your car might’ve broken down many times in the past, and you’ll probably have a  go-to local mechanic for repairs. But don’t you think it would be better to take it to a reputable company, especially if you own an expensive, luxurious car?

If you own an exotic rental/repair company, your website must show that your business is an authoritative figure in this niche. So, whether you repair exotic cars or rent them out, you need a website to appear as a professional service. 

After all, why would someone in their right frame of mind rent a Lamborghini for $3,000/day from your business if your website looks outdated, or you don’t even have one in your inventory? 

So, ensure that you build an excellent website containing images, descriptions, and multiple reviews of customers you catered to if you want your business to succeed.


If you own a restaurant that isn’t visible on Google or Google Maps, don’t’ expect customers anytime soon. 

In fact, you will see customers sitting in a restaurant across the road because they found it through Google Maps. 

Customers these days perform Google searches on their smartphones where the ‘Touch to Call’ function allows them to get in touch with the restaurant of their choice and make reservations on the go. 

But, if your restaurant doesn’t have a website, you will deprive yourself of this feature and customers. Create a website that lists the cuisine your offer with images of your restaurant’s décor and exterior design to entice the customer to come in and enjoy the experience you have to offer. 


In the end, your business website is your most effective marketing tool. Not to mention, a well-developed website will allow you to stand out as an authority bearer in your target industry. After all, you have no idea how many customers visit a website only to click back because it looks outdated or takes ages to load. 

Nevertheless, if you run a type of business listed in this article, you can improve your online presence by creating a website for your business.  


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