Partner with a Skilled Digital Ad Agency in Bangkok

Digital Ad Agency in Bangkok

Every brand in Thailand should be taking advantage of Facebook’s tremendous reach across the country’s population by partnering with a skilled digital ad agency in Bangkok. As the world’s oldest and largest social media platform, Facebook has over 50-million users in Thailand alone, which translates to over two-thirds of the entire population. 

If you want to extend your reach even further than Thailand, your best bet will still be with Facebook, as they are approaching over 3-billion users around the world. 

But with the success of Facebook in general and Facebook Ads in particular, comes a degree of complexity that brand managers may not be aware of when first exploring the idea of Facebook as a part of a brand’s marketing strategy. A Bangkok ad agency can help you negotiate the ins and outs of the increasingly complex world of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Bidding System

The more any internet-based platform becomes accepted, utilized, and subjected to different applications and uses, the more it may need to be tweaked and modified to handle its popularity and fill the needs of different users. Facebook Ads is no different.  

The overwhelming attraction of the targeting features of Facebook Ads indirectly led to Facebook feeling they needed to establish a bidding system. So many users were attempting to place ads in a particular format and using a specific target that the ad’s effectiveness were threatened with becoming diluted.

Facebook established a bidding system and structure that levelled the playing field for every advertiser. Because this bidding system includes an auction whenever there is an opportunity to display an ad, ad agencies in Bangkok are crucial to relieving brand managers of learning the complexities of this bidding system and getting consumed by the frequency of the auctions. 

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Bidding Successfully

There are three main criteria Facebook uses to judge the winners of any auction. These are the ad quality, estimated execution rate, and the bid price. 

Ad quality is judged by the feedback from users viewing the ads, negative ad features like shocking language and data retention, and how inviting an ad is both visually and in terms of content.

The estimated execution rate is based on what an advertiser thinks the conversion rate per individual will be. Bangkok ad agencies are highly-skilled at using historical data to accurately determine the estimated execution rate for a specific type of ad targeting a particular audience. 

The bid price is what the advertiser is willing to pay for the ad’s placement. Again, ad agencies in Bangkok use data to determine the actual value of an ad. Getting as close to an ad’s value as possible is one of the most crucial facets in winning auctions. 

Digital ad agencies are used to harnessing the power of data in enabling their partners to succeed in the world of Facebook marketing. By partnering with a highly-experienced Bangkok ad agency, you provide your brand with the best chance of reaping the benefits of the tremendous reach of Facebook in Thailand.



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