Slay the Spire: fourth character now available for beta testing

Slay the Spire: fourth character now available for beta testing
Slay the Spire: fourth character now available for beta testing

Earlier in July, it was reported that on the fourth character that was playable for Mega Crit Games that was groundbreaking and deck-builder Slay the Spire. Today the developers declared that the fourth character is now there in the beta system on Steam.

To get into the beta, you are just required to check the BETAS tab for Slay the Spire on the Steam website. If you do not know how to, just follow this guide. You can get through this character by hanking the game once and getting the third character, the Defect, available.

Your beta game can utilize the saves from the main branch too. The character should be made available immediately as you begin the game if you meet the requirements.

For those who do not know, Slay the Spire is a deck-building as well as a card game that is set in a very real dark fantasy universe. It was first released out in Early Access on Steam during November 2017, where it proved to be quite a hit, earning an “Overwhelmingly Positive” response.

It gave over one million copies by the rear of June 2018. Its final launch in the month of January this year consolidated its dignity as a genre-defining game of cards, even spawning its own sub-genre.

There existed three characters in the final launch in January. Now one more is on their way, and you can take a look at this new character’s look. We are kind of receiving a Mileena vibe from it.

It does not look like those developers of Slay the Spire are running away of steam. The game extends to see extended post-release support with too much new content.

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As per the developers, the update arrives with one new character, amazing relics, brand new potions, balance differences, and other various goodies that will be included during this testing period.

They do not involve a breakdown of the new relics, amazing potions, and balance differences, so the fan party will have to get those details out of the woodwork. But then, that is more than half the fun of a card game anyway.


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