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” Sleeveballoon” A New device that can treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity


Good news for Diabetic patients, a device called “Sleeveballoon” has been developed to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The news about the research done by a team of researchers from the King’s College London came out in the journal EBioMedicine. 

The name very well suggests what the device is, it has got a Sleeve and a Balloon but what it doesn’t talk about is the How?! The Sleeveballoon device imitates the process of bariatric surgery. The study was done by running the experiment on 30 rodents which showed amazing results in reducing both the blood sugar or glucose level and obesity.

" Sleeveballoon" A New device that can treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity
” Sleeveballoon” A New device that can treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity

Currently, the treatment that exists for the same problem is called Gastric Bypass Surgery and despite being extremely effective only 1% of the people are eligible for it of which most of people avoid undergoing complicated treatments.

The study has found out that the device has certain advantages over Gastric Bypass Surgery although the metabolic effects are the same. While in both the treatments the performance of heart and insulin in the body improved the Sleeveballoon did not cause Hypoglycemia after food intake that the Gastric Bypass Surgery caused. The device slows down the digestion process in a person that makes the person feel full for a longer period reducing his/her appetite. 

The device is placed on the small intestine and once operated needs to get removed in 6-12 months. The reversal effects on the body after the removal of the device is being tested now.

30% of the World Population is overweight and suffering from Obesity and the number has only been growing. A serious concern of the World Health Organization and that is the very reason why the discussion over harmful effects of obesity and bad food habits that especially include deep-fried items and fast food are encouraged in schools and social media so that people instead of feeling fat-shamed or bullied prioritize their health first and try to go from fat to fit.

In such a scenario the Sleeveballoon device can prove to be a revolutionary device to counterattack this epidemic.


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