Introducing Snow Goggles: Experience the Snow Freely and Clearly!

Snow Goggles

Do you often go Skiing or Snowboarding? Yes! But, You do not enjoy it because snow, wind and Ultraviolet rays keep disturbing you and your eyes! I get that! However, you need not worry anymore. Because in this article, we will discuss the new Snow Goggles, which will keep you out of trouble, or we can say, which will keep you away from snow, wind and harmful effects of UV rays so that you can enjoy the Snowfall. These new snow goggles are essential whenever you go to see snow or skiing.

Moreover, these all-new Snow Goggles will help you enjoy the view of the mountains or snow. These goggles not only shield your eyes from snow, wind or harmful Ultraviolet rays but also improve your vision.

Snow goggles are a type of eyewear made traditionally of driftwood, spruce, bone, walrus ivory, caribou antler, seashore grass(in some cases).

Snow glasses were initially worn by the Inuit and Yupik people of the Arctic. They used to wear it traditionally to prevent snow blindness.

It is very crucial to cover your eyes with snow goggles to prevent photokeratitis. Photokeratitis, also called snow blindness or arc eye, is a medical condition resulting in pain in the eyes due to overexposure to UV rays. Snow blindness occurs when too much ultraviolet rays enter your eyes’ cornea(outer layer of eyes) and give sunburn to the cornea. Moreover, the symptoms of Snow blindness are Painful eyes, headache, loss of vision(temporary) and blurred view etc.

However, no need to worry because Snow goggles to protect from snow blindness and other elements like debris, tree limbs and fallen branches etc. Besides, Snow Blindness is easily treatable.

Also, the grip of Snow glasses is much more potent than those of sunglasses. Snow glasses would remain at their place, but, Sunglasses would fly off while you are snowboarding.

Also, Snow glasses are designed to provide comfort and safety to your eyes from wind, snow and UV rays.

Also, choosing a new pair of Skiing goggle for Snowboarding is a different kind of math. Thus, one should take many other features and characteristics under consideration.

Snow Goggles: Now available in different shapes and sizes. Check the latest shapes below in this article!

Snow Goggle: Based on the shape of Goggle Lens

Cylindrical Shaped Snowboard Goggles

1.These goggles are curvy horizontally (from ear-to-ear) and flat from nose-to-forehead(vertically).

2.These vertically flat lenses provide more glare and less peripheral vision.

  1. It has promising results with a lesser price(cost-effective).

Spherical Shaped Snowboard Goggles

  1. These types of goggles are vertically and horizontally curvy across the face.
  2. In these types of goggles, the size of the lens is large. Hence, the larger the size of the lens, the better the peripheral vision.
  3. Spherical goggles have less optical distortion and lens glare.
  4. They are classified as more extensive and high profile goggles, which means a larger price tag.

Snow Goggles Frame Size

We have discussed above the two popular shapes in which Snow goggles are available. Let us now discuss the frame size of the snow goggles.

Though goggle frames are available in different shapes, sizes and lens swap options, they are meant to serve two primary purposes: hold the lens in its position and keep your face comfortable with no moisture at all.

We have to take care of certain factors before selecting a new pair of snow goggles like:-

  1. Size and shape of our face and head:- A snow goggle will fit properly if you take into consideration this factor because wearing too small goggles may cause pain in your nose, joints, and eyes.
  2. Brand:- Brand is a significant factor that should be considered while purchasing new snow goggles. Make sure to buy a snow google of an excellent and known brand. Also, the shape and size of google vary from brand-to-brand.
  3. Wearing too large a google may result in the google frame’s visibility in our vision, which can cause disturbances in concentration while skiing.

Under this category, Snowboard goggles are categorized as Small, medium and large framed goggles. Let’s discuss them one by one:-

Small Frame Goggles:- These types of goggles are ideal for people(kids, adults and youth) with smaller faces.

Medium Frame Goggles:- These goggles are suitable for both men and women. These goggles are not bulky and are a suitable choice to wear with a helmet. Its medium size allows the helmet to fit correctly and comfortably around your head.

Large Frame Goggles:- Large framed goggles, as the name suggests, are large and suitable for broad and extensive faces. These goggles provide wide-field vision and large peripheral vision so that you can see everything easily while on the mountains. It is an ideal choice for bikers with large heads. However, it does not fit with the helmet.

We have discussed above multiple shapes and sizes in which Snow goggles are available. But what about those who wear eyeglasses? We can’t imagine how difficult it would be for those who wear glasses and go skiing? Is there any solution for people with eyeglasses? You will be happy to know that the only answer to the above questions is a big yes! These types of Snow goggles are known as OTG(Over The Glasses) Goggles.

Over the Glasses, Goggles solves the biggest problem that people wearing glasses often face. It permits the user to wear their eyeglasses freely inside their OTG goggles.OTGs have a unique frame designed to fix glasses under and provide comfort. Wearing these goggles will help people clearly see their glasses with no pressure on the nose, eyes or joints.

These types of goggles are suitable for people who do not like to wear contact lenses while riding. Also, OTGS do not let your glasses move as glass gets fixated under them.

Today, we have discussed all the possible options available for snow goggles that  you can use for skiing and enjoy it with no hinderance. Good luck!






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