Song Ji Hyo Became Competitive With Shin Hye Sun And Bae Jong Ok About The Lunch Dates Of Their Upcoming Films.


In one of the episodes of Running Man, an SBS variety show, Song Ji Hyo, Bae Jong Ok, and Shin Hye Sun were there as guests of the show. Song Ji Hyo is a model as well as a famous South Korean actress popular for her roles in Korean dramas like A Frozen Flower in 2008, TV series Emergency couple in 2014.

Her actual name is Cheon Soo Yeon. One of her upcoming film ” The Trespasser” will be launched in March.


The other two guests Shin Hye Sun is a South Korean actress who is popular for her role in Angel’s last mission: Love in the year 2019 and Bae Jong Ok a South Korean actress is popular for roles in The Chase. Both of these actresses have an impending show which will be also released in March.

In the episode of the SBS variety show, Song Ji Hyo made everybody laughed when she jokingly became a bit competitive with the other two actresses about release dates of their upcoming films in the same month of March.

The whole thing started when Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok promoted their upcoming film “Innocence” in the sets of one of the episodes of Running man and announced the release date as in March. Song Ji Hyo movie The Trespasser is all set to get released in the same month of March. Song Ji Hyo became competitive at this point although jokingly.

But to come out of the situation Shin Hye Sun started clapping and conveyed that al films will do good. Later on, Yoo Jae Suk cheered everybody and supported the upcoming film of Song Ji Hyo. Here he made a mistake of mentioning the name of Kim Moo Yeo wrongly as Choi Moo Yeo, but it was corrected by Song Ji Hyo and apologized to Kim Moo Yeo.

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