Sony to go down through the memory lane with this new product


One of the most amazing gadgets, Sony Walkman celebrated its 40th anniversary. First launched in 1979, it undoubtedly soon became a worldwide hit.

The Japanese company has now launched a special edition of the Walkman to celebrate its anniversary. But if you think that you will be able to use your existing cassette tapes, then you will be highly disappointed as the new version of Sony’s Walkman named NW-A100TPS offers the user to stream music along with audio playback facilities.

In the name of possession, it possesses a softcover in the shape of the older version of Walkman along with a 40th-anniversary logo engraved on it. This new Walkman claims that it can last up to 16 hours after being charged for once.

Sony to go down through the memory lane with this new product
Sony to go down through the memory lane with this new product

It holds a storage of 16 GB and has a 3.6-inch display. It contains a headphone jack but along with it, it also carries Bluetooth support. The earlier version was introduced on 1 July 1979 to the world. It was considered to be one of the most dope gadgets.

The craze for this device lasted for around two whole decades. It also made the owners of the device look really cool. The Walkman in that time was basically what the Apple AirPods are today – something that everyone craved for but only a few could possess.

The Sony Walkman was so cool that it became an inspiration for the further Apple iPhone. It is said that had there been no Walkman, there would have been no iPod. The Walkman was considered to be the beauty for the people because it was simple yet beautiful.

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The 40th-anniversary edition will be out for sale in Europe in November and will be priced at 440 Euros. Australia will welcome it later this year in December.


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